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Age/value of windrush


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Hi, new to the forum. I'm looking at buying my BIL's windrush 14 but think it could be a bit overpriced for the age of the boat. He claims that it is 15 years old or less but from what I've researched, I think its much older. Specs are:

Markings on hulls. Windrush surfcat 14, Windrush yachts, Perth, Australia, Registered design, Pat Pending.

No hull numbers, Yellow decks on white hulls, has the plastic boxes under the hatches so can't see any bulkheads but I ran a torch along the outside of the hull at night while looking through the boxes and can't see any obstruction that a plywood bulkhead would show.

Long rudders need some repair but otherwise good.

The boat is set up for cat rig with a vgc dacron main no. 5116 but has a set of older

sails in good but slightly stained condition no. 2617.

Spars, tramp and most stays in good condition. Has Harken blocks for the mainsail.Trailer is good but needs work to the lights and new tyres.

Could I get a couple of opinions on age of the boat and what it is realistically worth? BIL wants $1600 which I'll pay if its really worth it. Sorry about the long post.


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Hey Redrover,

Good to see your looking at a Windy. If there are no hull markings the way to tell is... how many hatches does it have? the MkI non bulkhead boats only had hatches behind the rear beam, the MkII bulkhead boats had hatches just back from the front and rear beams. With a sail no. of 2617 its more than 15years old. (Note: Windrush sail numbers are not unique to the boat, you get a new sail number with every sail)

I own the first foam sandwich (MkIII) Windrush which was built in 1993 and it has hull numbers on the rear beam castings.

If i had to guess with the info you've provided, i'd bet its a MkI boat.

I do know of a MkII boat that just needs the horizontal stiffening fixed with a set of Mylar racing sails in good condition for around $2000.

So a more realistic figure for a MkI with a good Dacron is about $800-1000.


Windrush S/S 6327

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