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Nacra 4.5 Wanted

rogue elephant

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I have a tidy 4.3 Nacra for sale on hot dip gal trailer with 14" alloy boat trailer wheels with hubs and a fibreglass sailbox. This boat has a near new tramp, good rudders, no fibreglass repairs or damage, good sails, no corrosion, lives in a dark, well ventilated boat shed when not in use. Selling for $4500. Norman Maroochydore 0754796111

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I bought a rather old 4.5 a few months back. It still has not hit the water as I have been busy redoing it as well as work getting in the way as well as having had illness and about to move house. I have all the excuses.

It is sail number 145 and had a very retro look about it with the old yellow to red stripes down the side, a white mainsail with blue and red stripes through the middle and a trampoline that had seen many a better day.

I could see through all this and I have so far got the stripes off and buffed it back to look fantastic. I have a new tramp sitting under my desk as well as all new rigging for the mast, a new mylar main and brand new white zipper jib all ready to go. I am even putting the new style logo on the sides of the boat.

Now all I need is some time and it will be ready to roll.

Costing for this is not cheap, but I basically end up with a new styled boat for half the cost.

The boat itself on a registered trailer was $2.500. The sails and gear about $3,000 and then bits and pieces and the time for me to spend on it when free is nothing as I enjoy doing it.

So for around $6,000 I will have what essentially should be as good as a new craft. Yes the platform and mast are older, but they are made bulletproof and I have them looking great.

Food for thought.


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