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2011 AUS paper tiger nationals results


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Funny you should say that, I was reading this article today about Rohan Veal.


"Earlier in the month, Veal won every race but one in the Australian Championship – that one race cost him the series, relegating him to second overall in favour of the new champ and conventional Moth sailor, Les Thorpe (AUS). Thorpe finished the Worlds in a credible fifth place – the best of the conventional set."

now that would have to suck!

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The first two races were light, with variable winds. The new champion Bruce Rose consistently picked the best way to windwards, with a combination of covering, local knowledge and reading the conditions. Indicators included some visible pressure on the water, rainclouds to the east, and variation in the timing and strength of the gusts. I'd argue skill more than luck determined results in those races, but also the lightweight skippers did well in the light conditions.

All the other races had stronger and more consistent winds. Occasionally a great lift could be found by following the shore, at other times a windshadow of a hill made this lighter and unfavourable. Bruce did very well in mostly going the best way, or quickly recognising a mistake and sailing through the fleet to recover a good position.

The halyard ring on Bryan's boat broke on a start line; the shackle which was welded to the O-ring failed, and dropped the sail. This was an unlucky and unpredictable failure, which meant that one of the light wind races must count to Bryan's total score.

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