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Marathoners Race - Cowes YC (VIC)

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G'day all,

The Cowes Yacht Club (http://www.cowesyachtclub.com/) runs the 'Marathoners' race for catamarans every year. This year is on Saturday 19 february 2011. It is a race around French Island (http://tiny.cc/cr5ao) on Western Port (VIC).

I am planning to enter again this year - anyone else interested?

I did it last year and it was a blast (if somewhat exhausting!).

I'm told it is about 77kms. Last year it took us 7 hours! The conditions started out really light with a broad reach around the south-east side of the island, then flat water and a bit of breeze around the north side (while getting stick in/on the mud flats), then a 2 hr beat up the shipping channel (past the submarines, etc) in heavy seas and about 15-20 knots.

Last year's fleet consisted of a couple of F18's (Tigers), 2 or 3 Hobie 16's, a Hobie 20, Hobie 14, us on a Cobra and a few others.

Would be good to have a larger fleet this year. Perhaps some Stingrays with spin can give the Tigers a run for their money??

NOR is not up yet. Start time was about 10:30 I think. We camped the night before in a local caravan park.

Worth considering?


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G'day Matt,

How did the Marathoners race go, must have been rough if it was run, as it was blowing its a$$ off.

Would have been good for the Tigers though......

Any idea what the dates are for next year so Mitch and I can organise time off work, and give those tigers a run for their money?

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