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Hi everyone,

You may have seen I am working on a cat re-build (over in the Shed Talk forum). It has been years since I have sailed, and when i did sail in the past, it was always on mono hulls. So I was wondering, can anyone recommend a good book I could grab to brush up on the theory side of things? Just techniques etc so I can get my head around it all again. I know that practice will be the best teaching I can get, but I would quite like a book to read it all through first.



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Catamaran sailing books

Suggest you look for

The Catamaran Book by Brian Phipps published by fernherst books .. Phipps ran a UK based cat sailing school .. the book covered basic cat set up and points of sail, reaching, beating, tacking, running, gybing, trapezing and man overboard practising before he looks at racing strategies.

Scott Andersons' Advanced Catamaran Sailing published in 1985 is still an invaluable resource today

the Andersen book should be available from your library or second hand bookshops because it sold well ..

He spend a lot of time looking at race attitudes and mental toughnessbefore he talks about boat preparation, tuning, tactics, rules and weather recognition etc.

i found both exceptional for basic information

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