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My Fish Tank (my other, other vise)


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Yep you guessed it. They are discus.

Rhea & Aphrodite are both Red Turquoise Discus. About 8cm length

Themis & Oceanus are both Pearl Pigeon Discus. About 9-10cm length

Apollo is a Brown Turquoise Discus. About 9cm length

Poseidon is an Yellow faced Red Melon Discus. About 10-11cm length

Hera is a Pigeon Blood Discus (clean ie. no peppering). About 17cm length

Hermes is a Leopard Discus. About 15-16cm length

I also have a 9th but no photos, its a small Brown Snakeskin Discus. About 5-6cm length.

They live with 20 lemon tetras, 2 rummynose & 6 small Bristlenose catfish (1 common, 5 albino). The tank is 4ftx2ftx2ft with an Aqua One CF1200 (1200lph) canister & an Eheim 2217 (1000lph) canister. As for plants I have 3 big anubias, 5 small anubias nana & 2 bunched of Ambulia. All lighted with a 4ft T5HE light (i went with High Efficency rather than the High Output to keep my electricity bill in check).

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