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Cobra & Stingray Stickers!


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We all love stickers!

And i'v been making some more :)

I'v already made some Cobra ones but i'm wanting to make some Stingray ones too :)


So what should we put on the stingray ones?


Also the orange line around is the cut line - size of stickers is 100mm Round.

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The idea is great guys - mark me down for a couple when they are done. Just need to adjust the proportions a bit. At the moment the boat looks odd because the boat to mast height ratio is wrong and the foot to head ratio is way out too. It looks abit like a caricature at the moment. The boat to mast ratio would be 5.5 to 9 being about 1.6 and foot to head would be 1 to 2.2 being 2.2.


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Hi Loose - good to hear from you.

The name hasn't been changed! We have simply added the boats length to the sticker!

I suppose there are a lot of various 'stingrays' out there that are not the sailing catamaran... power boats, tools, etc - i guess the 5.5 helps to create a point of difference!

I wasn't around then but it appears that 10-15 years ago there was a bit of push on the 5.5 as there are a few boats, boom, trailers etc that have '5.5' on them somewhere

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