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A Class Wanted

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Tonyquoll thanks for your help. I am located in Sydney but would still be interested.

If you could send me the details that would be great. 0437 292 307

John Dowling - Thanks for your link but it is a little more than what I am currently looking to spend.

No problem crazy man. You probably need to work out what your expectations for the boat are as well as how much you want to spend. If you aren't going to race then buy anything that is seaworthy. The one I pointed out will be a good club boat for average mixed fleets. it would be towards the back of the fleet at State and National level although it is in ready to sail condition with good sails. Be very careful of cheaper boats with out of date sails if you want to race seriously - that will add cost. Also have someone very familiar with A's help you with the inspection - plenty of those in Sydney. The NSW States will be at Kurnell on 19-20 March so come and have a look and a chat - I'll be there.


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A Class

Tonyquoll - just wanting to see if you were able to confirm the sellers details for the A Class in merimbula.

Johndowling - Thanks for your feedback. At this stage our club has one other A Class and it is an older plywood boat but with a young rig. P(probably not the quickets A Class getting around) I imagine it would something similar to the one tonyquoll has available. I am happy with something like that and possible looking at something newer / better condition up to 4k.


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I have an A class for sale bought on a whim while on holidays in Warnambool in Victoria Thought we could sail it while up there but weather turned nasty and never got out on it still sitting at mates farm It has a registerd trailer and is in good condition give me a call if you are interested 0410659960 orsend an email and I will send you some pics

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