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New cobra mast - building tips

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After a few years of jury-rigging the old mast I've had on Shadow since she arrived in my yard I've finaly decided to build a new clean setup from scratch. Does the forum have any suggetions as to the best setups?

- extrusions and finishes (also best suppliers in QLD)

- spreader styles and setups (adjustable or fixed...)

- downhaul configuration (internal, external)

- roation configuration (spanner control form the tramp like the A-class or old-school from the boom)

I sepnd most of my time sailing one-up these days and am looking to simplify where possible and move as much control out to the hulls to avoid coming in off trap too often.

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extrusions same as the mossies - will look it up the section probably best to get from Queensland Cat Center

- if racing then adjustable is the way to go otherwise fixed

- downhaul we run external with 2 x double blocks on the sail and 1x triple block on the goseneck.

- roation we run old school from the boom.

I will get some photos from what we use on our cobras :)

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Thanks Robert,

The 2xdoubles on the sail and triple on the gooseneck gives a lot of purchase. I stripped mine back to 2xsingles on the sail and a double on the goosneck but it's too hard to adjust from off the side without loosing control of everything else.

Being the only Cobra at my club doesn't give me a lot of others to compare to regularly and so I'm looking forward to catching up with the rest of the class at Cootharaba this year. Is ther much of a mix of approaches to the rotation and downhaul at Parkdale or do you all keep similar setups?

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Hey Cobra Shadow

Were do you race from in Brisbane? I race out of Cleveland on a Nacra 5.8 just to fill in time but looking at building or buying a Cobra to also sail one up, I would prefer to build but a second hand boat isn't out of the quesdtion either. I missed one in Noosa just the other day. Robert is right, the Brisbane cat centre is the go if you get stuck make sure you speak to Rosco top bloke and very helpfull



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This setup gives us 8:1 on the downhaul, We run a flat rope - this runs really smooth threw the blocks but you need the good harken cleats on it otherwise it will slide.

Most setups at parkdale are the same so do get changed but then they get changed back.



Click to enlarge photos :)



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