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The dead set best 4.5 for sale EVER


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What a magnificent creature.

Anyone want to buy it so I can upgrade to a 5.8 now I have a crew....?

It owes me about 9 but I'll take a good offer over 6. Add 3 zeros here please.

In Hunter Valley. Wine, food, balloon rides....... did I mention wine...? Golf, day spas...... AND WINE.

New Tramp. I think the colour is called Kylie Minogue Grey.

New main and Jib. Used once in my dam. Dam has no name but I call the sails groovy. The most fully sick square top main on the planet.

New Battens. As above but not really groovy. They are only battens. Add Kylie Minogue and the battens and then it is more than groovy.

New Trap Wires and Stays. Mast will stay up and when on the wire you will stay on the wire....... that's up to you. Now, Kylie in a trap harness... Ok. let's leave that alone. Maybe Danii.

New tyres, wheels and hubs on registered trailer and gear box. Trailer upgrade was 1200 and can now do Sydney - Perth at 176kmh non-stop. Speedy! It can go faster than a Datsun 120B. And it has no engine.

New Graphics. Totally funky. Had retro graphics but they sucked. Kylie told me so I had to change them.

Hulls totally refurbed. Did it myself and they are smooth as a fridge door full of expensive German beer. Go and get me one....! NOW!!! Kylie.

Furling Jib. YES. It spins.

Light and includes beach wheels. The wheels are what really makes it light. But it is light for the beast that it is.

It also comes with a second set of sails that are more Aretha Franklin. That is a tad old and baggy but still can hum along when needed.

Pics in Nacra forum under Wanted 4.5. I'm too lazy at this hour to repost pics.

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Not enough time.

If not sold you are in serious trouble next year as I refuse to give way. Screw the rules. Just kidding. Love it but I have a mate who wants to buy a new 5.8 and have me point it. Yes yes yes. He must be an idiot but who am I to say "no".....?

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You blokes are pathetic.

I offer a role in a movie with Jack Thompson and Gyton Grantly as well as the very very hot Kerry Armstrong if you buy my boat and not even a sniff.

The part is this Sunday night and I would say that you are all too late as the boat is SOLD to a magical and more than magnificent man.

HOWEVER...................... I am still in need for a few Extras in my little movie.

Sunday night in Hunter Valley. Let me know if you want in and I will make a place for you.

MC with love and honestly and some more love and hugs.

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