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I just logged on and noted the amount of people veiwing the forum in general and the Maricat site specifically. there where 25 on the forum 20 of which were viewing the Maricat site. This is often the case. I have noticed that our site tends to attract a lot of attention.

This is fantastic that so many sailors get something out of this forum. I assume there are a lot of closet maricat sailors out there.

It is a shame that the assosiation of such a popular class is struggling to survive. if just 20% of you non members that enjoy this forum committed to join the assosiation $40.00 the assosiation would not be fighting to survive!!!! and you could enjoy meeting the cyber people you currently talk to on the net!

Merry Christmas


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Tony Hasting posted in the that thread on the 14' traveller series that the Mari sailors at his club, felt that as there were so many mari's still around, that the assoc must be still be very strong and that there was no reason to be a member of the assoc, its sort of like boiling a frog. Most people don't realise that there is a problem until one day they notice that something is gone, by then it's too late. Think essetial services in regional Australia, public transport routes, voluntary organisations, eg meals on wheels.

"I raised the issue of Class Association membership with some Windrush and Maricat sailors at our club. They have raced these boats for decades but never joined the association. They never saw any reason to, and were very surpised at the poor numbers. They just assumed such popular boats would have a large association."

Good point raised MARK

Mari Xmas



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Membership is $40 but just $20 to join for the next half year. This will allow participation in the National Titles.

The association needs about $1000 to operate, that means we need at least 25 members. Currently there are about 10 financial members.

To reduce to $25 we need 40 members.

Membership applications are sent out by email to all sailors on our database but generally people only become financial when they compete at State or National Titles.

What benefits do members get other than the right to compete in state and national titles ??

In the "olden days" all information about regatta, boat tuning tips, boats for sale and general Maricat information was passed around via the Maricat newsletter. This was mailed out to all members. Information was also shared at the well attended club days and regattas.

With the arrival of the internet and forums like this one, all that information is available instantaneously and free.

Advise is given willingly, with usually a couple of opinions and solutions to each problem.

As Mark says, judging by the number of hits on the Maricat forum, there are lots of people interested in Maricats.

Numbers at all regatta are dropping off...not sure why...is it the cost ??

We select locations for our titles and nominated regattas where there is free or cheap camping/accommodation close by.

Boats need to be insured for third party, but this makes very good sense..run into another boat or hurt someone, even while cruising and you are covered.

Join a sailing club.....it does not need to be RSYS.....some clubs charge as little as $65, plus race fees, which includes $45 for YA...more insurance !!

Sailors should not be scared off by the terms State and National Titles.............these are just excuses to get a bunch of Maricats together,

Sure the guys at the front are pretty good sailors, go rather fast and take it a bit seriously.... but only a bit.

We encourage all Maricat owners to join the association, for either loyalty/community or hopefully to sail and race in good company.

Please see the attached membership application form.

Forms and payment can be sent to Scott, see Brenton at Manno or give me or Mick a call or email.




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For the last three years the Maricat State and National Titles have been sailed as part of a club's regatta and not as a stand along series.

All Maricats have sailed together off the same start, mixed in with the other 14ft cats at the regatta.

Results for the various Maricat divisions are extracted from the general results.

We look forward to you coming to Carcoar.

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