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Windrush 14


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Hi to all as a new member and in the process of putting a windrush back on the water.boat has travelled Australia and been in storage in sheds for years definitely a mk1 as purchased second hand in83 ex hire boat could someone please advise does the foam in the hull stick to one side inside the hull if so which one inner or outer ie a vertical plane or does it stick to both sides ie horizontal plane

Photo would be great if any one has one


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Hi Tony. I have used expanda foam on my first windy. I worked a treat.I put front hatch lids in just behind the beam. Through those holes i used a length of garden hose to deliver the foam along the edge of the wedges. To see what i was doing internally i used a mirror. Really stiffened it up.

cheers Darren

PS:wear old clothes.

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