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Are there any Nacra 14 Squares racing in Victoria?

Mark Dennis

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Hi, I'm in Melbourne and was looking at getting a Nacra 14 Square. Does anyone know anyone who is racing Nacra 14 Squares in a club on Port Philip Bay? I see Port Melbourne Yacht Club has at least a couple of Nacras in the yard, but they are a 5.0 and a 5.8. I think the 14 Square would do well when the wind gets up a bit as it tends to on the bay.



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there's a Nacra 14square for sale here. far-south coast NSW. $2500 see: http://thebegavalley.org.au/24691.html

The only other one I personally know of is my Dad's, sailing out of Southern Highlands Yacht Club at Fitzroy Falls. He likes that it's a fast cat with trapeze that was relatively cheap.

The one being sold is due to the lady owner having trouble getting the mast up on her own. I'm guessing that she also found it not as fast as she thought it would be, for example being lapped by my Paper Tiger. Her relatively poor speed was due to lack of mainsheet tension, which effectively de-powered the sail. To overcome that issue, Dad installed a 9:1 mainsheet system and improved substantially. Something to consider if you get one.

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