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States and Nats

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I think we decided that the Nats would be a combined affair with the Windies at Mannering Park open cat regatta on the January Australia Day weekend...maybe a four day event (Friday, Sat, Sun Monday).

What about States...any bright ideas, date location.............maybe pick a regatta be have not been too........

Wallerawang 13/14 November

Wallagoot March

Any offers


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YMCA Canberra offered to host the NSW Paper Tigers states for a very cheap price, and at almost any date that suited us.


It may be possible to incorporate Maricat states into the WLBC Regatta, March 9-10 2013. This could get a couple of local Maris to enter, depending on who volunteers as race officers. If you're interested I can present a proposal to our next meeting, Sept 22nd.

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Thanks Brad, but we (maricats) can no longer afford to run stand alone titles, just not enough guys paying assoc membership any more and not enough sailors entering the titles to cover the cost anyway. We really have to run our "titles" in with a already run regatta.

Thanks for the offer tony, and I for one would not mind a run at Wallagoot, fair drive though, and to be fair to Rod he always is doing long drives every other time we have a titles, but we have found that going somewhere in the hope of gettting the locals to join the assoc and sail the titles, seems to keep the locals away in droves. The problem then is as we go further afield it is a turnoff to some of the other regular sailors, who dont want to travel so far, and we get a still smaller fleet either way. We will keep both Canberra and Wallagoot in mind though.


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