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Chile to Australia by Beachcat


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I alerted some Bundaberg media contacts to Beto/Igor's arrival. No one had heard of them .. so hopefully the story will get the airtime it deserves.

Betao Pandiani from Brazil and Igor Belly from France, arrived in Bundaberg last Friday, 21 Nov, to complete the last leg of their journey from Chile to Australia in a modified beach cat. According to catamaran sailor their cat is for sale to save freight costs.

Their last adventure was the first crossing of Drake's Strait in a beach cat (or any open boat), from Cape Horn to Antarctica. Their last one in the US was a few years ago when they slightly extended the Tybee 500 and went on sailing to Greenland.

More information is available here


This is taken from their website:

A huge challenge

A journey of 9,400 nautical miles in an open sailing boat (without cabin)! Many days and nights sailing, no break, no rest! Suffering extreme temperatures: freezing and sweating! Can you face it? : ) Beto Pandiani and Igor Bely can. They will be alone in the Pacific Ocean, traveling from Chile to Australia, and visiting some paradises, such as Easter Island, Tahiti and French Polynesia. Meet the protagonists of this adventure:

Beto Pandiani

Brazilian, 50 years old.

For the last 13 years he undertakes edge expeditions, extreme sailing across the most feared waters. He was the first sailor, in an open catamaran, to cross the Drake Passage.

Igor Bely

French, 24 years old.

He lived his first 18 years of his life in his parents´ sailing boat. With more than 200 thousand miles sailed, He has undertaken more than 20 expeditions to Antarctic and Polar regions.

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Originally posted by QB2:

The Bundaberg News Mail ran a story on Monday.

Beto and Igor apparently have their own film crew with them doing a documentary but have not approached Aussie media to cover the story.

Go to:


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