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NSW Sailing Locations


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I haven't been in Sydey for a while but I'll help with where we used to go. Palm Beach, Pittwater side was always popular.

Sydney Harbour launching at Rose Bay.

Narrabeen Lakes from what I understand is now completely different BUT back in the day was v.big for cat's and windsurfers.

Another place is down at The Spit, Harbour side not upstream I would seriously consider insurance down there though, some v.expensive boats to run into.

I understand Botany Bay is pretty good but never really sailed there.

Another one that's not really in Sydney but Lake Mac is v.good and has lot's of launch sites.

Actually I reckon you're pretty spoilt for places!

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The best I've heard for 14' cats in Sydney is Concord Ryde: http://www.concordrydesailing.org/

Palm Beach is a cat club, they say "with current fleet sizes ranging from 10 to 20 boats, consisting of mainly Hobie 16s, Hobie 17s, Hobie 18s, Taipans, A Class and Nacra catamarans." http://www.pbsc.org.au/overview.html

Similarly, Kernel Cat Club seems to primarily have fast cats; "classes sailing at KCC include "A" Class, F16s, F18s, Hobiecat, Maricats, NACRAs, Stingrays, Taipans, Tornados, Windrush and others are always welcome." http://www.kcc.asn.au/

I sailed at Narrabeen Lake from about 1980 - 1990, not once ever saw a catamaran there. It's too small and shallow. http://www.narrabeenlakessailingclub.com/index.php/sailing-classes Back then we briefly sailed Hobie14s for school sport at Palm Beach.

You may also find it worthwhile trekking out of town to:

- Toukley (north of Gosford) http://www.toukleysailingclubinc.com/

- Mannering Park (very bottom of Lake Macquarie) http://www.manneringparkasc.org.au

- Port Kembla (north-west corner of Lake Illawarra) http://www.pksc.com.au/

- Koonawarra Bay (near Dapto, Lake Illawarra) http://www.koonawarrabaysc.org.au/

This Sunday is Try Sailing Day, which is the perfect opportunity to turn up at a club and find out what they're like

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OK, if you want the easiest place to launch, and one of the nicest places to sail from - then Clontarf is hard to beat. It used to be the epicenter of plastic cat sailing back in the heyday of the off-the-beach cat scene...

It has a canteen operating on the weekends - and changing facilities. But take some advice from sum1 who still likes to go blasting down there, you have to get there EARLY to get a parking spot – and if you want to evade the council car-parking fees, unload the boat, then drive the trailer around to the 'free' parking on the other side of the reserve...

Take a beach shelter or umbrella - as if you're not early, all the under-shade spots will go - but it's definitely worth the trip to try this spot.

In a Southerly, you can reach back and forth all day long - right off the beach. Posers apply now - flying hulls right across the bay with a captive audience to cheer you on will go to your head very quickly... In a Nor-Easter, the whole bay is your playground, and if you're game, riding the swells back in from the heads - between Middle Head and Balmoral is absolutely exhilarating...

C U all there... :)


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