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Brisbane cat racing?


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I see a paper tiger occasionaly sailing out if Humpybong, he doesnt race but is usually there on Sundays, if another showed up you may be able to convince him to start racing, there are plenty of other boats in the fleet at Humpybong to race with though. There are a few clubs that sail cats in Brisbane just depends on which bit of Bris he is moving to and how far he feels like towing the boat.

Best of Luck


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The QPTCA is about to be reactivated and we need as many PT owners as we can get in Queensland (even Brisbane). Contact details are on the Paper Tiger web site. I am the one who has been seen sailing out of Humpybong (Tigger 2314) as I am in the process or getting the boat set up properly while teaching my daughter to sail. I am aware that we have two boats at Lake Sampsonvale and another a Southport so it will depend on where your friend will be residing as to where the closest club is. From what I have seen, Humpybong does have a few 14 footers in their members. Anyway all are welcome.

If he wants to contact me he could call me on 0409038001.


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