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2013-14 nationals


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I have spoken to the president of Toukley re holding our nationals at the Brass Monkey, they do not have a problem with it and have said yes.  So yes it will be at the Toukley Brass Monkey Regatta which is held over the June Long weekend.  There is planned to be 3 divisions Cat SS and sloop.  As to whether we have our own start will be up to the club, and dependng on how many other 14s of different classes turn up to the regatta.



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Hi guys, I'm trying to find out how many sloops we will have at the Nats.  If we have no takers we can save the money by not getting a trophy made, if we have sloops even looking like coming a trophy will be forthcoming.

It is looking like we may even have some 5.0s to add to the fleet, and on that note does anyone know where there may be a perpetual 5.0 trophy, I'm assuming there was one?  The 5.0s had finished by the time I came into the Maricat Assoc.



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Hi Guys me again, I'm trying to find out who has the sloop rigged National Trophy.  We've asked the Zahra's, we've asked Rodney, and Mick has no idea either.

We'd like to find it please.  Lot of history there, shame for it to be missing.



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I'm trying to put up the NOR for the Maricat Nats, but this forum is blocking me or the software is not allowing me to upload it.  It has been posted on Facebook, and I have also asked the mod of the Maricat FB page to post it.  If he has done so remains to be seen.



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7 th to 9 th June 2014

Toukley Sailing Club Inc



TOUKLEY SAILING CLUB INC in association with Maricat Association of NSW & ACT Inc and in association with YACHTING NSW 2014 MARICAT NSW & ACT National CHAMPIONSHIP 7 th to 9 th June 2014


Organising Authority:


Toukley Sailing Club Inc in association with MARICAT Association of NSW & ACT Inc

and in association with Yachting NSW

The regatta will be governed by the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), by the

Prescriptions of Yachting Australia, by part 2 of the Yachting Australia Special Regulations

and by the Class Rules and By-Laws of the MARICAT Association of NSW & ACT Inc,

except as any of these are altered by the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions.

Entry is open to all MARICATS for which at least one Full Membership for the 2013/2014

season has been paid to the Association. The nominated helmsperson shall be a member

of the MARICAT Association of NSW & ACT Inc. and the forward hand (if applicable) must

be nominated at the time of entry.

Eligible boats may enter by completing the entry form, attached to this Notice Of Race,

and sending it, together with payment, to the address on the Entry Form.

To cover the purchase of trophies etc the following Entry Fees will apply:

$10.00 – Championship entry fee (early registration) a.

$15.00 – Championship entry fee (late registration) ie at the regatta b.

Entries will be received by the Organising Authority no later than 1100 hours 7 th June


All competitors under 16 years of age as at 7th June 2014 are required to lodge a fully

completed Junior Indemnity Form, available at registration, which must be signed by a

parent or guardian.


Cat-rigged one-up

Sloop rigged two-up

Super Sloop one-up Trap optional

Maricat 5.0 cat rigged one up

Maricat 5.0 sloop rigged 2 two-up


Five races are scheduled for the Championship.

No more than four races shall be conducted on any one day of the Championship.

Any race whose warning signal is not given by 1530 hours on the last day of the

Championship will be abandoned.


Each boat and all equipment shall have been measured by a measurer approved by the

MARICAT Association of NSW & ACT Inc. prior to being used in a heat of this

championship. The Race Committee reserves the right to inspect any boat or equipment

at any time for compliance with the class rules.


Sailing Instructions will be available at registration.


The Championship will be conducted from Toukley Sailing Club Inc (TSC) located at

Canton Beach, Toukley, NSW. The racing area will be the Northern end of Lake



The Course will be triangular and will be described in the Sailing Instructions.


Five races are scheduled for the Championship.

Three races shall be completed to constitute the Championship.

When fewer than five races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total

of all her race scores.

When five or more races have been completed, a boat’s score will be the total of her race

scores excluding her worst score.

A Handicap Series will be conducted concurrently with the Championship (scratch) series.


Trophies will be awarded for both scratch and handicap for 1 st 2 nd, 3 rd placings in the

Championship. In addition the winners on scratch will be awarded perpetual trophies.

Other prizes may be awarded subject to the discretion of the Organising Authority (TKS)

and Maricat Association of NSW and ACT Inc.


Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor

receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to

mobile telephones.


It is the competitor’s decision to enter or to start and continue in any race. Competitors

shall accept that their participation is at their exclusive risk in every respect. By way of

entry competitors shall indemnify the Organising Authority, Toukley Sailing Club Inc, their

officers, members, servants and agents in respect to all claims and demands of whatever

nature which may be made upon them in connection with or howsoever arising from their

participation or intended participation.

The Organising Authority, Toukley Sailing Club Inc, their officers, members, servants and

agents accept no responsibility in respect of loss of life, personal injury or loss or damage

to property which may be sustained by reason of their participation or intended

participation in an Event or howsoever arising in connection with an Event.


All competing boats shall certify, by entering, that they carry third party liability

insurance of an amount of not less than AU$10,000,000.

For further information contact Phil Johnston, President, Maricat Association NSW & ACT Inc.

Email forgemasters@optusnet.com.au phone 02 49531690

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OK so where is the entry form attached to this notice of race as mentioned?

How do I join the Association? How does anyone know what is going on with the Maricat class?

I read that the assoc web site will be operational soon, but I was also heard it would be operational a year ago when I was trying to find some information about Maricat Assoc racing!

I have owned a Maricat for ove a year now, sail at CRSC and nobody seems interested to get me to join the Association.

I will turn up to go for a sail and enjoy a weekend of sailing and hopefully meet some interesting characters and enjoy some sailing camaraderie.

As for a National Championship, who ever heard of one being held at an off season get together. Well I guess the 18 footers used to claim a world championship for the Sydney Harbour fleet when I was a boy!!

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The association is run by guys giving up their time so it does not always go to plan, Regardless of When the Nats are held it will not suite everyone unfortunately .  You involvement with the association would probably be welcomed, Not enough people step forward to help. Phil has basically had to pull this all together on his own so please come along, have a great sail, meet some great guys and have some fun! We are a small assassination and we are not racing for sheep stations.  At the end of the day it is simply an excuse to all get together!

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I'm off to see the trophy place this morning (after having been at work since 5.00 this morning) i'm looking at getting 33 trophies organised.  Then I am driving to Sydney for the 4th time this week, then coming home tomorrow morning to go back to work tomorrow (Sunday) for about 6 hours, if I get to have a weekends sailing in the off season I'm happy.  The web site should be up soon, (seeing as the $800.00 for the design is being put up by Mick himself I reckon that we can be greatful that he is prepared to do that).  Ive tried to post the entry rego form here, but I keep getting blocked from posting files on here, if anyone else has access to do that let me know and I'll email you the file.  Ta



President NSW/ACT Maricat Assoc,

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Nationals Rego here




After trying to upload the file for about an hour, this is the best solution I have been able to come up with.


If I can upload it in its raw form I will do so this arvo but the trophy place closes in at 12 and I am running out of time and I have to get going, if I'm to get this all done.





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Maricat Association of NSW & ACT Inc


Entry and Membership Fees to be paid before or on 07/09/14

1. General


Surname: ____________________________

Christian Name: _________________



Suburb: ____________________________

Phone: (Business) _____________________

Post code: _________ Age: _______

(Private): ________________________

E-Mail: ________________________________________________________________


Surname: ____________________________

Christian Name:




Suburb: _____________________________

Post code: __________ Age: _______

Phone: ____________________

2. Boat

E-Mail: ___________________________________

Boat name: _____________________

Class: M 5.0

Maricat 4.3 cat rigged

Maricat 4.3 sloop rigged

Maricat 4.3 super sloop

Sail No: __________



•(Please tick)


Foam Sandwich Construction •

Club represented: __________________________________________

3. Association Membership

I am a financial member of the Maricat Association of NSW


I am applying for membership

Membership fee: $ 20.00 (Student $10.00)

Membership 1/7/2013 to 30/6/2014


4. National Championship fees (regatta fees to be paid to Toukley Sailing Club separately)

All classes

All classes

Total amount payable:


$ 10.00 (early registration)

$ 15.00 (on the day registration)



Page 1 of 2

This amount can be paid directly into Maricat Association of NSW & ACT Inc Bank account detail (BSB:

012291, Acct: 2243-36267) Identify deposit with your surname. Post or scan and email this form to



1. The skipper declares that his/ her boat compiles with the class regulations AND THAT HE / SHE WILL

WITHDRAW THIS NOMINATION should the boat be found not to comply and is unable to be rectified prior

to commencement of racing.

2. All participants taking part in this regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility. The organising authority

and its agents, the conducting authority and their agents shall not be responsible for the seaworthiness of a boat

whose entry has been accepted, or for the adequacy or sufficiency of its equipment.

3. Attention is drawn to ISAF Racing Rule 4, Decision to Race, which states: “A boat is solely responsible for

deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing”.

4. No member or members of the organising authority or its agents, nor any other party involved in the regatta,

shall accept any responsibility for, or be liable for, any accident, injury, damage or personal loss (material or

otherwise) to any boat, participant, or third party before, during or after any race of the regatta. The safety of

any boat and her entire management, including insurance, shall be the sole responsibility of the entrant to this

regatta. Also refer to the Risk Warning, which forms part of the Sailing Instructions

5. Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance ($10,000,000). By signing this

entry registration all owners/competitors who race are deemed to have made a declaration that they hold such

Insurance cover. The association reserves the right to be provided with evidence of third party liability

insurance at any time during the event.





_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ / _ _/ _ _


Sailor Weight:



Total Weight:

Class Weight Classic:

Class Weight Foam:

Extra Weight:

__________ kg

__________ kg

__________ kg

__________ kg

__________ kg

__________ kg

Association Membership:

Registration Complete:




Page 2 of 2

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What about the YA info and the 10 mill pub liability Insurance details (company and policy number) on the Entry Form.

Would be a good idea to remind people of Insurance considering the regatta is out of season and most Insurance policies have a lay over period and  boats may not be covered between May-sept.

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YA number and insurance details are covered by your entry to this regatta (separate from Mari assc) See the Toukley Sailing Club site, re, Brass Monkey Regatta. You should check the YA site to ensure that your details are up to date, as many YA members do not have 2014 cards

  Your friendly TSC Commodore. Darcy.

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Not so bothered about the YA number Darcy.Just plenty like myself have insurance policy with a nominated "Lay-Off" period through winter..Basically my insurance would not cover the race as would plenty of others who took the lay-off option so more of a timely reminder to those skippers Darcy.

Do you have a nominated "Lay-Off" racing period on your policy?

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Yeah because you are not racing for a quarter of the year you get 25% discount..Still insured for the 12 months if stolen etc but racing coverage can be worked out on monthly basis.I opted for Sept to April so get 4 months (may,june,july,august)discount..Saves you a fair bit Darcy on full insurance.

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I've always kept up my insurance except for a layoff for july august september as there has always been either Keepit Kool or Toukley in June. if you are not racing for 4 months that is a 3rd of the year, so how come you don't get a 33.33% deduction.  If necessary I can ring the insurer and tell them I am taking it out and get a sort of covernote, same as if someone other than yourself is going to sail your boat, ring them and tell them, no probs.


And if you're me, you'll know just how useful insurance can be when its needed.

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