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wanted to buy foam sandwich hulls


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Hi Guys

l am on the hunt for a pair of mark 3 foamsandwich hulls.

I know,

I have Buckley s hope of finding them But I live in hope.

I have been racing my mark 2 bulkhead boat for several years and thought I would like to step up.

Would love to know from anyone who has made the upgrade what they think the difference feels like and is it worth the cost.

Cheers all

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Thanks really would like to trade my mark 2 bulk head hulls 25.5 kg and 26.00 serial no.1176.

boat name IMPACT previous owner Rob Femming.He won a vic. Championship in before they disbanded.

Would love to pay cash for hulls only and use my hulls as trade. Dont really want the hassle of owning 2 boats and trying to keep the cost of up grade manageable.

Hope this makes sense.

Just would love to sail a foamie before I get too old.

Cheers all.

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Yes someone here did it last year. They used from memory 20- 30 noodles. He used silicon spray to slip them in through the standard access hatch. The weight increase was not significant. My big concern is I have seen noodles water logged. You squeeze them and the water runs out like a wettex. Maybe he won't have that problem because they are sealed in the hull but it concerns me. My hulls ate well sealed and there is always a bit of water after a couple of water that drains out.

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Your got 2 ways of getting foam hulls


1. Buy 2 new ones from Brett

2. Buy another boat from WA and sell yours. Chances of getting one from WA. Buy 2 new hulls from Brett. WA guys jump on them before they get out of the state


Are they worth it? Absolutely. We have foam boats built in 1994 at the PKSC, raced every year from new, had new beams and travellers but still going fast.


If your going to stick with windies get foam hulls.

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