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Rigging question: Nacra 4.5


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I’m wondering where do I tie off the jib halyard after it comes down through the bottom of the zipper.

The forestay chain plate has a pulley at the base, so I’m assuming the halyard passes through the pulley to gain tension, but I can’t figure out where to tie it off after that.

I’ve tried passing it through the chainplate holes and then tying off the excess, but find after 10-20mins of sailing the luff tension decreases and the jib starts crease up.

Any tips/pics would be much appreciated.



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Hi Clance,


On my sons 4.5 we go through the bottom pulley, back up and through the thimble on halyard and a couple of half hitches around itself.  We find this gives you enough purchase but you can easily go down and up again for more purchase if you need it.  


Let me know if you need any other tips.  Where are you located as we have a decent fleet of 4.5s at LSWSA on Brisbanes North side.



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