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my name is Anthony and I just purchased a maricat. The sail number is 1286. I'm guessing that means it's pretty old. Just wondering if anyone can give my an accurate age as the bloke I bought it off had no idea. 

I will most likely require a better main sail in the future as 1286 is looking a little tired. Can anyone help direct me with this. 


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You can do quite a bit with what you have.

1. To allow the mast take that we use now (5.5m forests, 5m shrouds) you get a sailmaker to sew a D ring into the leech about 6" from the clew. Don't need to bother getting the foot cut away. It doesn't flap much.

2. The bolt rope has probably gone hard and shrunk. This creates a terrible shaped in the sail. If you examine the tack you'll see that the bolt rope has been sewn in. Cut the stitches and let the bolt rope slide up.  This will get you a lot further.

Alternatively replace the bolt rope. Attach some line to the end, cut the stitches at the other end and pull the bolt rope out.  Replace it with 8mm silver rope and restitch just the top. Leave the tack end with about 300mm which will move up as you use the sail.

I just did this on a quite new sail, about 7 years old.  The old rope had elongated, teardrop shape so it jammed in the mast track.


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