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New to this.. please help me identify make.


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Dear all.. just purchased this .. I was told it is a 14' surfcat but so far my searches didnt turn up a handbook or image exactly like it. I hope to find the make, approx year and a manual to guide me on a few things like if its a good or terrible idea to disassemble it for a light refurb. Any tips from the forum will be much appreciated. Thanks!


Screenshot_20200102-145854_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20200102-145833_Video Player.jpg

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If the X-cross member bolts are seized, you will have to open it up- Its a whole new world of pain and will cost you good money to sort out.

It doesn't have any retro-value like other more popular cats, you will throw money down the drain if you go full deal with it- Like I am with my caper cat for my son.

Clean it up with oxalic acid, access its seaworthiness, a few simple repairs would be workable- maybe wet-sand and buff it up, fit some 35mm white pvc gunnel mould to the hull/deck joint.




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We had a couple of Buffalos in our mixed fleet of 14s (mainly Maricats) and in light to moderate winds they were quite competitive.They were both cat rigged.  I remember they had some small holes in their sails that were referred to as "vortex generators".

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