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Hobie Getaway Vs Calypso 16 Vs Nacra Adventurer


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Hey Guys,

I'm looking for a cruising catamaran with storage. I own a Calypso 14 FT Caper Cat now and I'm looking to upgrade to something bigger and better.

I'm looking for some guidance or your thoughts on the Hobie Getaway Vs Calypso 16 Vs Nacra Adventurer? Any thoughts?

Looking forward to it.



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I'm looking for something with storage though?

I often take my friends out or sail to local islands and i really enjoy the fact that i can store clothes, food, water etc in the hulls of my Caper Cat 14ft.

I need something bigger but can do a similar job? Any Ideas?

I sincerely appreciate your reply mate.


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I agree with Tornado that the Getaway is a bit on the heavy side but having said that no one ever bought a Getaway as a race boat. I had a Getaway and loved it, the only problem I see for you is that your Caper cat has way more stowage capability than the Getaway or in fact any cat available these days. You only option, depending on much gear you planning on carrying would be to place it all in watertight bags and lash to the main beam. Other than that the Getaway is a great boat.

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Sorry to butt in, but the Nacra adventurer is made in Queensland, and I'm sure if you asked the guys at Briscat, they would give you all the storage you need. It would only be a case of adding extra hull storage boxes into the hull, and I can vouch for the 4.5,

Have a look here

They have a second hand one for sale too!


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I have an old 4.5 Sports that is sometimes used for camping. It has a 100mm PVC pipe with screw ends in place of the Spi pole and an envelope style mini tamp (1.5m x 1.5m) ahead of the main beam. I can fit two packs in the mini tramp over the PVC pole. It’s good, however would marginal for camping with anymore than 2 people (in your other post you wanted room to carry 4). I have sailed the 4.5 with 180kg all up on board, which slowed it down, but even in this ballasted form it would have to be twice as fast as a Caper Cat.

I think Darcy is right, possibly pick up an older boat and modify it for storage. If you’re looking at a new boat another option may be a NACRA 570, boardless, fast, stable and simple. But no storage.

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