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Hobie 16 configuration question


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Hi Guys / Gals,

I am interested in getting a Hobie 16 and have seen the normal config ie a raised trampoline supported by four posts into the hulls, and have recently seen another config that has a trampoline supported by two straight cross bars going into the hulls with no vertical posts, this config also has another support cross bar between the bows and has center boards in each hull.

Are there any pros and cons for either of these configurations, and are there any others configurations I am not aware of?

I currently race NS14 monohulls but am after a cheaper H16 for a bit of fun with my kids.

Thanks in advance, Scotty.

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Cants say here dude.

No Idea is best and safest way to explain it. You can add the F.

I think someone has just added the stickers to it after putting a boat together from odd bits and pieces.

It had different rudders on each hull as well.

So my guess is someone bought a platform, added a hobie rig, then sourced a couple of similar rudders and added the stickers to the side to make it match the rig.

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