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350+ Km sail on 14ft Caper - advice?


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Evening all!

I propose to sail from Townsville to Cairns on a Caper Cat to raise money for Cerebral Palsy Foundation Australia.

I endeavor to complete the trip on my 14 Ft Calypso Caper Cat between December 13th to 18th 2010. The cat will be inspected by a marine specialist (here in townsville) and overhauled within the next 2 months.

However, I would like to have all of your opinions and advice on changes/recommendations for the boat and the trip.

I was contemplating upgrading the original main sheet to have a boom-less main sheet? Also upgrading the Jib to have a roller furling Jib? Thoughts? Also from your experience, is there any major weaknesses on the Caper that should be noted? I will be strengthening all rigging and adding two forestays. The boat is equipped with an outboard mount, i will be fitting it with a 3 or 5 hp outboard for emergencies.

Also any suggestions on the trip itself? Or of Marine Equipment?

The trip is labelled "Sail 4 Palsy". I would sincerely appreciate your advice and opinions on the boat and the trip. If you are interested in more information or getting involved please feel free to contact me.

Email peter.hodgson1@jcu.edu.au or 0400 528 326.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


Peter Hodgson

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Great trip,, lots of islands to stop over on. Caper cats are wonderful stable cruisers. I sailed my cat Port Douglas to Cooktown 10 days ago. Downwind sailing over 30 knots at times. December winds can be very fickle so it could be a slow trip into N easteries.

My 3.5 hp outboard pushed my Caper cat well. I carry an EPIRB in my pocket with an inflatable waist stored life vest when I'm sailing alone. The standard Caper Cat rudders are quite adequate. They are very east to right after a capsize, if you have the ropes already tied underneath.

A jib pole to hold out the jib out for light downwind sailing is advisable, a piece of bamboo can work well.

Best of luck.


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Originally posted by cruiser:

Call me before you do it, I'd love to take the 430 on something like that! safety in numbers Pete!!!!!

Are you doing a stop over at Mission?

We were thinking Cairns to cooktown, but there is heaps more between Townsville Cairns!!!

How do we join/sign up?

Thanks for your interest! I would love for you and anyone you know whom is interested to join me on the trip!

I invite all fellow sailors to join me on a trip along the coast to raise money and awareness of Cerebral Palsy.

Visit www.sail4palsy.org for more information. Please send me an email and i give you a call to discuss the trip!

Supporting Cerebral Palsy is particularly dear to me. My sister Karen, 26, has cerebral palsy. I aim to raise awareness of the Disability and money toward research.

Let's get a convey of sailors together for an enjoyable trip and support a worthy cause! I hope to hear form you!

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2.5 to 3hp, more than enough, but a motor is all but unnecessary especially if you end up with a group. I would advise against overnighting at Lucinda or Cardwell unless you have extremely good mossie gear. Wish I lived close enough to join you. You could aproach the Trailable yacht club, or Hartly TS16 Asscn in Townsville, if one of them joined your party he could carry bedding and supplies

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