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You blokes keep pushing the big Forster whelL barrow. Someting new and convenient suites me fine. Forster is good for 14's but Mannering Park is beter. By the way. A few of us are going down south the Swan Bay or Port Kembela 28-29 Oct. Anyone interested? Is the big and heavey Wayne Barry out there. will he be on hand or have his hand on it?

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I know of atleast 4 maricats that will be at forster, and i highly recommend that many more should follow due to it is the biggest catamaran regetta on the east coast, and they hold beutiful cources, wonderfull social events held at the club each night, and outstanding surf beach over the road.think about it!!!!!

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appreciate the comments on race management. A number of the Mannering Park officials recently attended a race officers course hosted by YA. There is an effort being made to improve on race management at Mannering Park and to follow the blue book.

The maricat association has also recently shifted more to the blue book for race management by now adopting the blue book starts.

Keep in mind that like most clubs we rely on volunteers... that do their best to please smile.gif

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We originally looked at going to Mannering park ZAX's, but decided together with Berny some months ago that it would be more appropriate to sail against the "larger" cats at Forster. As Berny is now sailing with spinnaker as an F14, and as our performance around the course is more on a "par" with the other formula classes it seemed a bit pointless travelling all the way from Adelaide to go to Mannering Park and literally sail around by ourselves for three days, whereas at Forster we will be "mixing it" right amongst a lot of other cats for the whole regatta. It seems a bit of a shame to me that both these regattas “clash”, surely it would be better for both if they were on at separate times?


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Zax's if you were to sail the Mari, cat rigged with assymetric spinnaker as a retro F14, by using the YV yardstick as a reference then your yardstick should be around 89.4 (if sailed sloop rigged one up it comes down to about 82.9 or sloop rigged two up 87.4). The YV F14 yardsick, at the moment is 77.

If anyone comes up to Forster I am sure that a "test sail" could be arranged.

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No probs, was just curious where you intended to sail. Hope it all goes well at Foster. Have seen your boat sail and agree that you are more likely to be pushing the larger cats than mixing it with the older 14 designs.

During the regatta the intention is to raise the question of shifting the date of next years 14 Foot Cat regatta so that it does not clash with Foster. This will be done if it suits the majority of those attending the 14 Foot Cat Regatta. I would also like to be able to attend the Foster Regatta, have sailed there often in previous years and agree that it is a great regatta.

For those that are attending the 14 FT, here are some extracts from the sailing instructions. Hope to get this posted on the Mannering Park Yacht Club web site soon.


Mannering Park Yacht Club

14 Foot Catamaran Regatta

October Long Weekend 2006

30th September to 2nd October



1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

1.2 The rules of the competing classes will apply.


5.1 Dates and times of racing:

Date Class 14 Foot Cat

30-9-06 racing Warning Signal not before 1pm

1-10-06 racing Warning Signal not before 10am

2-10-06 racing Warning Signal not before 10am

5.2 On the last day of the regatta no warning signal will be made after 3pm.


The location of racing areas will be given at the skippers briefing at 11am 30-9-06.


14.1 The Koonawarra Yardsticks will be used for this regatta.

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