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Wanted : Cat to replace the one squashed by a tree in storm UPTO $2000


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I did have an Alpha Omega 14 that was squashed by a gumtree in my front yard.... so im calling out to all the people of the world ;) to help me get back in the water....

I have about $2000 and would like anything like the alpha...

14+foot race type cat i.e. dagger boards ect. would consider Hobie 16.

trailor with or with out.

PLEASE HELP! email me @ Way2dumb@hotmail.com

Cheers in advance people.

Oh yeah im in adelaide and woud travel upto 250km to get it if needed....


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AO mast

have you contacted darryl barrett in Adelaide who built the AO's?

alternatively get onto the mosquito association .. as that is the mast section I have on mine ..

lastly i think the Taipa or stingray n mast is also a close contender .. ask in the taipan forum if there's a 27 foot mast section available

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