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G'day Brian

As of race 5

1st - Wild Turkey - Brett and Jarrod Lienert

2nd - Last Tango - Mitch Bayliss and James Mare

3rd - Crash 'n' Burn - Todd and Mitchell Lienert

4th - Wildcard - Justin Forrester and Bill Mudge

5th - Chasin' a Feeling - Rex and Julie Gibbs

Brett is dominating with 5 Bullets!

Me and James narrowly (VERY NARROWLY) lead Todd who is tied with Justin, and Rex isn't that far behind.

Wind has been consistent and around 15 for the first 3 races and pushed up around 20 for race 3 and 4.

Results will be posted soon but the club has only given scores for the low point system, but the series is being decided by the bonus point scoring system.

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The reason we will probally most likely go to Queensland is that we are hooking in with the arrow catamaran.

There isn't enough cobras and stingrays to run our own nationals any more ... With only 5 stingrays at this nationals and only 7 cobras it is difficult for sailing to make any money out of only 10-15 boats,

The year after Queensland it is turn for Victoria.

Easter the cobras will probally be going to lake boga (easter regatta) for our state titles... Stingrays are welcome to come along :)

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