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Bottom Gudgeon Challenge

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Bottom Gudgeon

Fourteen Challenge

Rules of Engagement

1/ Maximum Spend $500 for purchase and restoration of a 14 foot off the beach cat. Creative accounting and resourcing allowed!

2/ Patron (Patron is the owner, restorer of the boat) retains ownership but can lend / lease the boat out to club sailor. Basically to seed club fleets.

3/ Class rules can be ignored if cheaper solutions to repairs and replacements can be sourced.

4/ Patrons have until the Heart Starter 2011 (If at PBSC. Your club can organise its own events) where the boats will take part in a series of challenges.

Ideas needed but could be

Beauty and the beast: prettiest boat ugliest patron

Time Trials where you complete a course in a prescribed time without a watch.

Hull flying contests

Race were all boats must start from ‘Turtled’

Etc etc etc….

5/ Have fun and add a dimension to our sailing experience.

6/ Challenge other clubs, meet up at the Mannering Park 14 regatta in October.

Andrew Nelson

Mean Machine 7691

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Get your club involved!

Basically it's a bit of fun and a way of getting some club boats on the water.

At the club level we are going to have a series of challenges with the boats (Not an original idea I "borrowed" it from a car show involving some middle age blokes acting like.. well middle age blokes).

At our club (www.pbsc.org.au) we will continue to sail our race boats and these will become available for newcomers or youth sailors.

The 14s will then become part of ourr development pathway.

It is also about doing something a bit different and having some fun.


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  • 2 months later...

our club [albury wodonga yc] has similar thing going

2 hobbie 14s and a maricat were resurrected be super cpt paul and dave

boats been up and going at club most of this season

boats available to old and new

last week 3 or 4 cat raced !

2 or 3 others just recently purchased and should be up and running before next season

some good ideas for fun above

bloody good idea and it worked here

[im known for my poetry]

im the one who bought the black witch witch was in ebay

raced sunday with mate in 10 knotts odd

cant get the smiles off our dials

giddy up

p.s i bought old windrush from dora point for daughter after xmas

been on water last 6 or 8 weeks cost including tramp repair $250 [no trailer]

ruff ruff

but fun and no cares

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14ft surfcats really are fun, and great for first-timers- they go like buggery despite no sailing knowledge. Our little fleet of abandoned cats has given endless hours of fun to some new members, and re-invigorated some old ones. I doubt there would be any other type of yacht that could be neglected for so long, yet still step up to the mark, they really were built well back in the day. Like Mick says, this challenge is a top idea, keep us informed.

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Hi all

I have looked at this forum but never contributed but this topic is spot on, I tried just before but it didn't work. We are doing a similar thing with Windrush 14's. I will try to tell you as briefly as I can what we are doing . After a motorbike accident a bought a good foam/mylar W14 and when I got sick of sailing on my own I started a club here in Dongara/Port Denison WA, just south of Geroldton. After a few years I had 8 windy's and 3 hobies but I couldn't keep them coming. I think because racing wasn't that close due to newer foam/mylar boats and then older boats, plus long races. In the end I had only 3 or 4 boats coming so I thought we need to make some changes. I bought two W14's for $500 they came with bags & bags of Dacron and mylar sails 2 boxes of good bits that the guy had after 20 years of sailing it was like christmas. So I fixed them up, one was a good bulkhead/mylar boat which I sold for good coin and that gave me money to buy more old boats all for around $500. With these boats I loaned them out as club boats and then sold them cheap to new members. I have fixed up seven old Windrush and a new class was formed, it's called Vintage, the boats have to be old one's bought cheap, dacron sails, the hulls must not be foam. The yardstick is 100 so if you are on 92 or 88 you need to sail well or they beat you and thats one of the good things. A new guy can buy a boat for $500 and go out and be competitive and its getting very popular my numbers are back up and people are interested some are thinking about upgrading. I really tried to get good foam boats in my club but it is to costly for new crew to start off. My good boat only comes out for regatta's, I sail a old boat a farmer gave me, get it out of my yard he said. Its blue, its free so it called bluetooth. I fixed it up, made new rigging, new rope's, restiched tramp cut & polish and it looks mint, it even came with a rego'd box trailer. Five of us are going up to the Windrush state titles in Carnarvon, 4 will be sailing in the vintage class. The idea has gone nuts up there they will have 25 vintage boats starting just from there club. Only two years ago they only had a few boats on the water. So it works just buy old boats fix em up and let crew sail them and after a while sell it to them cheap. I would say there is now more old boats back on the water than newer ones and all of them are new sailors and new club members. We all start together so thats going to be interesting. The vintage boats also have a nice shield my dear old Dad bought and every regatta that the vintage boats sail the shield is up for grabs. We just had a regatta with 22 boats around half were vintage, Carnarvon have it so we are going up there to win it back.




Port Denison Yacht club

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