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Yasi - The Big One

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Looks like Cyclone Yasi is going to be a high Category 5 (wind gusts over 300 km/hr) by the time it crosses the coast near Cairns. This is the 1 in 50 year super storm that meteorologists always seem to reference. I remember a couple of cat 5 cyclones crossing the WA coast in the last 10 to 15 years but they did not cause much damage given the sparse population up that way.

If I was living in or around Cairns, I would have packed up family, boat, dog, insurance forms and passport about 2 days ago and driven as far out of the place as I could go.

I am dreading the destruction that this one will leave behind. I expect Joolia will need to introduce a cyclone levy for us southerns to pay.

Good luck if you are still in Cairns and are preparing to sit this one out. Don't expect any sleep tonight.

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My entire family are in Cairns. They have bunkered down and gonna sit it out. Apparently THOUSANDS flew out on special chartered flights overnight though.

We sure have had quite a few weeks up here! I'm in Toowoomba so we have just had that big flood etc etc here too. We lost a car in it. Cops called yesterday to ask a few questions about it. Apparently they have 900 cars from Toowoomba CBD alone to work out what the heck happened with.

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