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winter maintenence program

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hi guys, who else has started??

after the 75km earthmovers, ( of which i completed 2 out of 3 laps) i have started the rebuild after failed gear forced retirement. rex and julie gave me a spanking on the water also. my works program so far:

rebuild of traveller track and car - done waiting arrival of new ordered track and car

reseal of both beams to hulls - done with sikaflex

reinforce underside of decks for foot straps

reinforce bows for spin pole stays

reseal jib tracks onto decks, leaking. - done

reseal tramp sail tracks onto decks, - done

build a stiffer kite pole

reseal both centrecases as the lightweight glass sheet has become pourous - sealing with epoxy, everdure and then paint

rebuild both split rudder blades - done

rebuild both rudder stocks - done

replace tiller x arm - existing fixed, will replace for next season

replace bent tiller extension - done using extendable ronstan battle stick whitworths $112

replace centrecase gaskets - maybe use a stiff mylar sheet??? any suggestions?

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i did most of it last week jeff while i was home. still have a bit to do yet, not sure about sauna sail at this point, probly should spend some of my time inside the house instead of inside the shed. ive got a couch, big screen tv and a beer fridge in the man cave now. cant go wasting valuable boat time going in and out the house to replenish beer supplies and getting the latest scores from the footy!!

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ok next stage in the winter maintenece program is to replace the old centreboard gaskets, as they have died a most horrible death!!!

the existing remnants look like they are made from a vinyl floor covering almost like lino. i am considering using something like a stencil mylar.

anybody have any experience in this or suggestions?


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By Centreboard Gaskets you must mean "Rubbers"..... It doesn't matter too much, as long as the thickness of the material is the same as the recess in the hull!

The most important thing is making sure that they are glued on REALLY WELL! Most national titles see people duct taping their rubbers back on!

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Yer mostly because everyone remembers that all that maintenance they were ment to do they didn't do!

You want to get something that is very hard.

This is so that is doesnt come back up with the centerboard and jam the centerboard,

We have used a fiberglass "slot tape" on the past couple of cobras,

Works good but it really does need to be stuck on well!

So make sure you sand the crap out of the hull so it sticks and also use a very good glue something like heavy duty araldite 2 part mix together stuff.

We have also used rubber in the past but you need to make sure you get some thicker stuff so it doesnt jam.

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hahahaha my first job out of school was building yachts with paul brooks, and yes all centreboards and rudders were built while under the influence of rum. mind you.... so were all the deck layups, and the hull layups, and the mast rigging, and.......................

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