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Hey Michael, great work...

OK – for lack of a suitable thread within the Windrush Forum, the Sail Sydney event is going to be held in Pittwater on the weekend prior to XMAS... 15th to 18th December


How many boats do you think we could get there...? It would be nice if we could get at least 6 boats to attend and fly the Windrush flag... and may be a good promotional opportunity too... I'll provide some stuff – info/brochures etc...


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This just came in from Brian Chapman – the Race Secretary at KCC...

I'm pleased to advise that KCC "Try Sailing Day " is now scheduled for 30 October 2011 and will included on our web site Calendar shortly.

We'd love to see as many Windies as you can muster and of course they are more than welcome to race in our Olympic Series (2 back to back races around a triangular course from 1 pm).

There is also a BBQ after racing on this day - maybe we can convince a few more Windies to give the "Top Gun" a go the following weekend.

KCC had 4 active Nacra 14sqs last season. A club member also recently bought a 2nd hand 14sq from Qld, so we expect 5 actively racing this coming season.



OK guys, as this date doesn't clash with anything on the Traveller's Series calendar, can we try to get a few boats down there? This is obviously a nice opp to promote the class - and I will be doing everything I can to try to publicize the event through various channels...

Can I get some indication of attendance pleez?



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