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Arafura Cadet Wanted


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We have a young bloke at our club that wants to get into cat sailing. He is about 12 and only around 50kg and we are looking for an Arafura Cadet for him to start out in.

Does anyone know of any in reasonable condition that might be for sale? He is willing to put effort into doing it up if it needs a bit of work.

He is based in Melbourne so would need to find something reasonably close.

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I suggest you contact the Arrow & Arafura Association. I did that last year, and I got one in no time (in NSW). I am sure that they would know of Cadets in VIC, and would let you have one if you can convince them that it will be sailed.

I have really enjoyed sailing the Cadet, even though I am too big for it. They are great fun. If you get one, please post some pics.



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