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london olympics


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- but how to see it?

Looking good for 4 golds - but don't want to count chickens too early, a la the swimming!

BUT how on earth can we get to actually see it? The BBC are giving Foxtel patrhetic coverage, and never of the events we are doing well in. Anyone know of a short cut to live streaming or whatever?

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This just popped up on Facebook


Roger McMillan advised the following in the mysailing.com.au newsletter earlier today. Another late night.

"Staying up?

Are you staying up until 11pm tonight? You should be. Channel Nine has suddenly realised that without sailing they have no winners, so they are televising all Australian medal races live. That means you can catch Tom Slingsby going for gold at 2pm British time, which is 11pm in the eastern states and 9pm in Perth."

He also advised the weather forecast:

"The forecast for tomorrow is more of the same. Partly cloudy with WSW winds of 15 to 20 knots, building in the afternoon. Those conditions should suit Tom."

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That's such good news!

It's been difficult & frustrating trying to follow races online. The following sites the best I've come across; you have to have multiple windows open to try and follow them all at once:

- twitter.com follow Australian SailingTeam ‏@AusSailingTeam, Sailing News ‏@sailing_news

- commentary stream at: http://live.2012.sailing.org/Event/ISAF_Olympic_Sailing_Blog

- live order and timing of boats rounding buoys and finishing, click "On now" or similar between "next events" and "results" in middle of screen: http://www.london2012.com/sailing/

- a live picture every few minutes at http://new.livestream.com/yachtingworld/olympic-sailing-2012

Hoping there'll be a DVD or Youtube of it all once the $mad have got over their exclusive sponsorship rights.


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their will be competitions leading to selection for the olympic team. any one can compete, so as all have a chance to represent Aussie. in another 4 years we will all know who our quickest sailors are. hopefully those sailors will take GOLD. and you will be one of them. go Aussie..

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