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Moreton Bay Camping


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Hi All, I have been using my Hobie 16 for solo camping trips on Moreton Bay, mainly Horseshoe Bay at Peel Island, but I would like to sail over to Moreton Island sometime in the future.

Are there any other beach cat sailors that do any camping trips on or around Moreton Bay? If anyone would like to bring their cat along sometime the more the merrier, as I say I'd like to do the crossing over to Moreton Island but would feel a bit more comfortable with other cats incase of unforseen circumstances :cool:

Attached are some pics of one weekend over at Peel

All packed at Cleveland boat ramp


Campsite at Horseshoe Bay


Beached at Peel Island


Deserted beach


Sunset and a Hobie 16 :)


Cheers DAVE

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Looks awesome Dave - my brother and I are thinking of getting a cat for day trips and possible overnighters around the bay. Would be excellent to make a group trip out of it... we've been looking at Hobie 18s amongst others... do you have any experience with that boat or general advice about buying second hand cats?

The 18 has dagger-boards, which I've read can make beach landings trickier as you have to raise them on approach - do you think this is a major problem?

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Hi Alex, I agree with Darcy about the Hobie 18, perfect for 2 people to camp on,

Daggerboards are not an issue, infact I would personally prefer a cat with daggers for windward pointing, something my H16 lacks somewhat. Furling jib is a must have, although I never had my sail modified for furling so it can flap on the leach in some winds. I wouldnt bother with and outboard, although it would be handy when sailing into Cleveland boat ramp - 300 metres usually dead to windward up a 30 metre wide channel, good thing I know how to tack a H16 :cool:

My Hobie 16 is really a solo camping boat due to the low bouyancy hulls, I've had 4 people onboard just for fun day sailing, but for camping with the extra gear its more a solo boat, and I've considered upgrading to a H18 but I've become somewhat attached to my Vertigo.

I say go for it, shop around and you will find a good cat in good condition and have a ball, Moreton bay is perfect for camp cruising as I call it, group trips would be good to the outer islands (safety in numbers) although my old girl would probly struggle to match pace with a H18 :D give me a yell if you have any questions

Cheers DAVE

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I have sailed to and camped overnight on Moreton Island from Margate - it was great fun and we (4 guys on 2 cats) stayed in the concrete bunkers at Cowan which had hot showers and a fridge (plus toilets and beds) these were rented via the Moreton Bay Boat Club. This was about 10 years ago - at that time we had a h16 which was crap and a calypso 16 which was excellent for this purpose. It would have been just possible (take extra gear) to rough camp but the bunkers were cheap then. These days I would only recommend a board cat for any purpose - especially cruising as they have less draft/more bouyancy for load-carrying, navigating shallow water and on approach/departure. Boardless cats have to be sailed at or close to the limit to get reasonable upwind progress which is not ideal for the daytripper. With a favourable wind on the return trip, we crossed 'the bay' in 1.75 hours with no beer left. Perhaps the most important thing is to be confident you can right your boat if you capsize - for cruising/camping it is a good idea to tie a float (ie 3l milk bottle) to the top of your mast to help prevent a turtle and it makes a normal capsize a little easier to right also. I would not recommend going across there alone either. 2 or more boats greatly increases your safety margin. Cheers

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Hey Dave et al.

I thought I'd chime in here too. My brother alexc and I, ended up buying a Hobie 18 "TachingCardia" and are keen to get out on the bay with other Cat sailors. Either for day sails or overnighters.

So far I've sailed to Coochie, Blaksley Beach and Overnight @The Wrecks. Peel Island is on my destination list, but would like to go back to Blaksley Beach and go for a walk to Blaksley Lagoon. I have been setting off from Cleveland Point, but don't mind too much where we set off from.

Andy C

"TachingCardia" - Hobie 18





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I'm really keen to meet up with other cat sailors for day trips and possibly over nighters around Moreton. I have an endless list of mates who are keen to come along and I have alot of hull space on my 14ft Kula Cat. I've never loaded the hulls up but pretty sure they will hold abit of weight with two onboard no worries at all.

I usually launch from Victoria Point to sail around Coochie, Maclay, Peel etc OR further north from Humpybong YC @ WoodyPt.

By far the Redlands is the best for site seeing and visiting new places unreachable by car.

Crossing my fingers this w/e brings endless hours of sunshine and winds.

I'd be very keen to meet up for a sail if your interested Andy. The tides look good - high @ Midday but the winds are predicted to be low. I'll PM you my mobile number and we can discuss from there.

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I have a caper cat which is purpose made for this. And I would love to tag along. Next trip, please post in this thread and maybe a few members can make it!

My Caper camp rig


Check out these guys! They call this sort of sail/camping 'raiding'




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Last weekend, Matt15 and I had a successful trip from Vicky Point to Blaksley Beach. I've put some photos up in my profile, (not sure of the permissions as yet, you may have to add me as a contact to see them). As it turns out, A walk to Blaksley Lagoon is a little further than expected.

Dr Snapid - Very nice setup, would never of thought about putting an actual tent on deck, when I camped at 'the wrecks' I kicked the boom to Port and attached a tarp as an awning. It was ok, but not very private.

I'll definitely post up on here for the next time I go out. I was thinking about heading to Peel and going snorkeling with the possibility of a stay over.

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I was thinking about heading to Peel and going snorkeling with the possibility of a stay over.

This sounds right up my alley. Keep in mind i'm 4 hours away so won't make it every time but don't let that stop you letting me know, i hope to make it sometime soon!

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Great to meet up with Andy and his crew. The 18ft Hobie sure left us for dead in the open waters but it was a great day for sailing and the longest trip i've done so far. Very keen to travel to Peel island too. Afew static shots of our day!

Setup @ Victoria Pt


Stradbroke Island


Coochiemudlo Island



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Matt15 do you plan on sailing year round or only in the warmer weather? I'm gonna do a camp trip on the clarence as soon as I can (probably a few weeks yet) and then after that if it all goes well I'd like to do moreton bay, probably an overnighter.

And if I get my way i'll set myself up with the gear to be able to sail most of the year (if not year round)

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I'm mainly thinking overnighter because i'll be so far from home, might as well get 2 days sailing in rather that travel that for for just 1.

Doesnt mean I have to camp though, I have mates in the area. I'll post on the forum when I can get a trip up there organised, just have to hope the wind plays along

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Hi Guys,

Great to see other cat sailors out on Moreton Bay, its a great place to sail.

Bummer I missed the Blakeselys trip, havent been there on the 16 yet. I recently did a day trip over to the Sand Hills on Moreton Island, return sail to Cleveland boat ramp was one of the best solo sails Ive had :D

Approaching Sand Hills


Short video of the return trip


I'd definately be keen to catch up with anyone doing day sails or over nighters.

Cheers, DAVE

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Great pic Dave. I totally agree, Moreton Bay is fantastic for cat sailing. So much to see and so many places to visit all via the protection of Stradbroke Island.

Would be great to have you come along on the next trip. Last I spoke to Andy we were thinking about a run from Victoria Pt or Cleveland to Peel island. I've also spoken to another chap not on these forums with a 14ft Hobie who is keen to come along. The more the merrier :)

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Yeah Id definately be keen. :cool:

Peel Island is the perfect day trip as it is so close to Cleveland (or Vic Pt), Ive done the crossing many times, depending on the winds its around a 1 hour trip, just gotta watch the floating gin palaces that roar thru there at 30 knots, 10 metres away!

I sail my Hobie 16 solo 90% of the time, but Id be happy to have a crew along if anyone else needs a ride :)

Just got some nice new sails too, so wanna try them out, of course when there is another sail in the vicinity, it automatically becomes a race :cool:

Hopefully catch up with you guys sometime soon,


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I'm gonna try and tee up a sail on Morton the weekend of the 27th 28th of April EDIT: My band got booked for that weekend so this weekend might not work GRRRRRRR

Unsure whether a camp is on the cards though. Depends on others interest.

If anyone is interested we can work out a group

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Cant make it this sunday with the H16, my trailer needs work before i can tow the 200 km to brissy, i live down at byron bay.

If you guys dont mind id like to bring my hobie tandem island instead this time, tandem island is a 17 ft sailing trimaran for those that arent familiar with them. Any objections?

Cheers, Dave

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