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Funny you should ask Adrian.

I've just been busy the last 2 days collecting email addresses for potential places of where the other state Maricat Assoc's may have retired to die.  Just to see if we are the only ones still left, just to see.

Rodney did email me a list of potential sites for titles just after the states, I'll paste his list


Wallagoot Sailing Club  8th / 9th March 2014
Nice little well run club
Located between Tathra and Merimbula...on the coast near Bega
Yes.... a long way down...for some !!
Home of Tony (Quoll) Hastings
Coastal lake just over the sand dunes from the beach
Plenty of rigging area.
National park camping near by.
Many motels for Mrs Colecliff in Merimbula
Manna Park Lodge close by.....family rooms and bunk rooms. Space for 55 people $25 per head per night, swimming pool, mountain bike tracks. 
Batemans Bay ANZAC Regatta 25/26/27th April 2014
Sail in the ocean
Plenty of rigging area
But "read the sailing instructions"
Plenty of near by caravan parks and 4 Star motels for Mrs Colecliff

Lake Coila Sailing Club Regatta 1/2 November 2014

The OTB division of Batemans Bay Sailing Club
Coastal Lake just behind the sane dunes from the beach
Located at Tuross Head, 45km south of Batemans Bay
Free camping at the club, 2 caravan parks, motel for Mrs Colecliff
Jervis Bay Sailing Club October Long Week End 2014
Big open bay, sandy beaches
I have not sailed there so no personal information
Tony Hasting sailed there this year so I could get a report from him if required.
I would assume lots of assorted accommodation.
Would be nice if we could find some Victorians Qlds SAs etc to sail against.
Open to suggestions
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Please note that none of these clubs have been formally approached yet by the assoc to host a nationals as part of their regatta.


This may be an issue for small club like Wallagoot but we would just "fit in" with the larger Batemans Bay regatta.


Nats held at BB a couple of years ago. Looks like it may a be a 3 day event but cant find an NOR yet.

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High likelihood we'd welcome you at Wallagoot. While I've not raised it at a Committee Meeting, the execs I've discussed it with are all in favour. Basically, we're keen to drum up numbers and if including the maricat national/natural titles helps us, we'll do it. I might even change classes for the event!

Our next meeting 1st Feb; let me know if you want an official answer. Our regatta March 8,9. Details: http://thebegavalley.org.au/22233.html

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With a multitude of venues statewide would it not be a good idea to hold these titles over 5 venues and skippers can drop 1?

This way the sailors can sail in the 4 closest/affordable/convenient regattas and drop the race that is a 12hr drive away.

Makes it fair for everybody Statewide wishing to compete and supports more venues.


May I also nominate the Kembla Klassic in the mix of venues to be decided.The Klassic is a well run regatta with a good mix of classes ,the boost in 14 ft cat class would be a welcome sight.

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Ok so we kicked this around a bit at the Manno open, Wallagoot it was felt was a little too far south at short notice, but is still on the cards.  Batemans, maybe not as being on the Anzac weekend a few of the regulars have that already booked, (me included, not that that matters), you lose to many regulars and then you only have 10 or so boats competing.  So we were either looking at Toukleys Brass Monkey, or to see if there's some regatta somewhere in Sydney within this season, Concord/Ryde was mentioned, you guys have any regatta's there before the end of the season?


It needs to be at a regatta as we cannot go it alone any more, unless its a sweetheart deal like Queens lake/Rohan was able to swing.


So all things considered it looks like Toulkley may be the go, unless someone else comes up with a viable alternative.


I have also sent emails to clubs iin other states who profess to have Mari's sailing in their clubs, to ask if they could get the mari sailors there to contact us re any other state assoc still running, or in recession etc.  It would be really nice to arrange a nats with other states other than us (ACT/NSW) and Mark (WA).  Havent had any replys yet either, but I dont know how current some of the contact details were either.


We're open to suggestions here guys.



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I sailed a Maricat at Batemans Bay on Sunday (23rd Feb 2014) and was approached on the beach by Lachlan the Club Secretary, who was proud and excited to invite me to race in the event, and said it was confirmed 2 weeks ago.
If that is the case, I will definitely be there on a Mari, and hope to bring one other from Wallagoot. No way we'd come to Toukley, especially not in June: you'll either have drifters or storms.

Please confirm the venue soon, as I will have to arrange the loan of a boat and get it race tuned in time.

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Sorry; meant to say that I was invited to race in the MARICAT NATIONAL TITLES which were confirmed as part of the Anzac Regatta 2 weeks ago. If this is not the case, someone ought to let the club know.

Great to hear some 14' cats coming; it'll be great racing. I've been sailing there a bit lately on a borrowed sloop-rigged Mari, to give girlfriend and her son some saiing thrills. It's awesome to sail out to the tollgates and then ride the swells back in.

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Why? So you can persecute them for supporting the class with such enthusiasm? Frankly, after reading that comment, I'll tone down my enthusiasm about borrowing a Mari to enter the event.
It seems the lack of a clear written proposal has lead to misunderstanding, as the request was passed on verbally from person to person.
Batemans Bay Anzac Regatta is always a heap of fun; great venue, big fleet numbers, everyone in good spirits. I'm looking forward to great racing, regardless of what boat I sail.

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