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Beach Wheel Repair


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Is it possible to repair a split in a beach wheel of this type if so how. If not does anyone know where I could get a replacement. The original manufacturer is long out of business. I'm too embarrassed to say how the blowout occurred.


I am unable to upload the pic for some reason but the wheel is the same type as in a previous post titled 'Rollers on Ebay'

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My plastic drum rollers are showing their age a bit and even tho some TLC has been lovingly applied, I'd say they be lucky to see another season.

Maybe some plastic welding might hold them for another year but age & sunlight has really not done them any favours......




So I was wondering as to what to replace them with......



has anyone tried ATV or quad bike wheels before ?


These are around the right size and are reasonably priced new and even cheaper from the m/cycle wreckers...... :D


I know that machining the hubs isn't fun, forged steel doesn't play nicely, but I think I could machine up an alloy hub that would suit and even do a set of nylon bearings similar to the plastic drum style bearings I recently made for my old drum rollers.....


Using a lump of 3" alloy shaft and welding on say a 10mm thick alloy plate to make the hub's flange and an hour on the lathe should produce a good hub for the ATV wheels.....



anyone seen / tried / or have any experience of ATV wheels ???????







another idea may be some of the newer style ride-on mower wheels...... specifically the zero-turn type mowers





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Hi I have had mule wheels for beach rollers for a couple of years , and they work fine .Used tyres were easy to get at no cost.

Bought  alloy mag wheels to suit at $110 each .Biggest cost was getting alloy hubs made to suit with nylon bushes.

They end up a little heavier than the new type with the plastic hubs .I  trimmed what was left of the lugs with a knife

to lighten them up a little , ran a sander over them and. they look more  like a tube . The work much better  than the plastic  wheels.

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Well I've got a set of Yamaha 225cc ATV wheels :)


the front tyres are reasonably wide and quite high in their profile, the rears however are very wide but not as high in the profile.....

so I do atleast have a choice as to which to use. The wider tyres will suit soft sand but the narrower tyres would be far better for most of the other beach surfaces I use, these include a muddy clay thick buffalo grassed areas, and tarmacked loading ramps.



testing and time will tell as to which ones will get the nod. :cool:



I've started making the hubs......

75mm alloy shaft cut to ~120mm long, these will be the centre bit for the nylon bearings.

12mm alloy plate cut to a 185mm diameter, this will be the wheel mounting surface.


So far I've spent 1.5hours just welding the shaft to the plate, thick alloy is tricky to weld without suffering from heat stresses, welds cracking or warping material.

I had 2 choices ~

1 cold weld it = really hot welding setting and only doing short welds (25mm) with peening and long periods of cool-down before adding another short weld

2 hot weld it = heat the bejesus out of it all, weld it with a hot setting, & while its still pharking hot pack it in a sand box and walk away for a day...... and pray it doesn't stuff up while its hidden away in the hot box cooling down 


cold welding it is :D



One hub is now in the lathe and I've done an hour on it............

its been bored out to take my nylon 'bearings' and the wheel mounting surface has been faced , probably another hour to go on that hub before starting on the 2nd hub.....


The time consuming part is going to be the making of the hubs, the only other way would have been to buy a piece of 200mm diameter shaft and just spend several hours on the lathe machining most of it away.....


If anyone's interested I can do some pics if need be.



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These are my "new wheels"


slightly well used front wheels from a Yamaha YFM 225 4wheeler motorbike.....









I have the rears aswell and thought they may suit the really soft sand.......




I've since finished all the fitting and done a test run and I wont be needing the rears.


They work a treat, definitely heavier to lift and carry around when You unpacking the trailer etc, but as far as moving the boat around

all I can say is WOW !!!!

so easy to do, in one spot there's a 2foot drop and it took me and the crew all of our strength to get just the hulls up it, now we can easily do it fully rigged



One minor change will be the clearance that the nylon bearing / alloy hub has...... I gave one side 1.5mm of clearance which was suggested by a couple of others and the other side I only gave .75mm of clearance........

That side will be machined down to have the 1.5mm clearance ..... have to let the water IN & OUT and its the water that acts as the lubricant when your wheelin it around....


I'll add some more pics of it setup and in action later on.....



till then.....










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