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5.8 Pointing


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Guys, need some advice. I recently bought Wild Thing (1555) which is a great boat and loving having a lighter one in comparison to my older 5.8 (628).


First problem, I am sure (but you tell me) that I can point higher on port tacks than on starboard tacks. Is this possible and where would I look for something that is not symmetrical? The jib is attached at the same points on both sides etc. so I need someone to tell me where else this could be happening, or maybe it is just in my head and my brain is port bias.


Second problem, I seem to be pointing much lower than all other cats on the water (haven't sailed against 5.8s down south as yet so I am comparing apples and oranges). The main seems to be running fine but the jib tell-tails are out. I have 2 attachment points for the jib block and currently I am in the front point. I am thinking that bringing it to the back attachment point will give me better angle and possibly fix my issue but then I guess I lose some 'bagging' effect and slightly decrease power.


Thoughts? Cheers.

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When sailing check the rotation of the mast. Depending on wind strength if you are not adjusting mast rotation you will find that on one tack the mast will not be rotated as far as the other.  On our 5.8 we find that as the wind increases one tack the mast will under rotate which causes us to go low and fast.  On the other tack the mast will rotate a lot further and we will point higher but not go as fast.  Once the wind gets over about 14 knots we will start to use the mast rotation as a form of depower.  By overrotating it we turn the excess power into height.  Bit of a bitch but when you forget to release it when you tack.   On a similar note our previous 5.8 had a bend in the mast above the hounds.  Smoking fast on Starboard, pathetic on port

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Shrouds are in correct position. Have never looked at the mast rotation so will check that out next time we go out and wil also use the piece of string to check how straight the mast is. That is a super simple way to check.


Dood, loving your form, hard to disagree.



Thanks so far guys.

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I like dood's approach, and agree, upwind I generally don't look at the main, pull it on as hard as you can and sail strait off the jib.

I've had the same issue comparing to other boats. Best bet is to come up and pace your pointing ability etc. against other 5.8's. We've just got another 5.8 into WSC so i think we're up to about 5 now. 

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had the same issue on an older Mosquito......

would out-point the fleet on starboard but not even remotely close on port, it was almost a broard reach angle in comparision !!!!


spent some time stuffing around with the mast rotation with only minor improvements, it was part of the issue initially because it would occasionally foul and there was a visible difference in the masts angle at times, eventually in frustration I 'locked' the mast rotation to zero movement, the boat still had the weird point issue even tho it wasn't quite as bad....


mutter mutter mutter ......




I checked the shroud lengths (as already suggested here) and they both came up the same length, I stood the mast up and tensioned it as usual, re-checked the lengths using a tape measure and measuring from the hounds to the end of the beams...... there was 6mm of difference.


I then loaded the boat with the mast up on the trailer to give it some weight, the main then went up and I sheeted it in and re-measured it..... 10mm difference !!


Then I moved the trailer around so I had the breeze actually putting force on the sail and yet again re-measured with loads on the port and starboard "tacks"


18mm of difference told the story straight away, one shroud was  stretching way more than the other and this was in a 'light breeze'......





replaced both side shrouds and had an almost instant fix but I now had the "poor pointing" on the other tack although it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it had been previously but it was still just noticeable.

So I replaced the diamond wires (without spending time measuring) and the boat now points equally on both tacks and yes the mast rotation setup was changed so it couldn't foul as easily as it did initally


hope that adds some help, good luck with your gremlin



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Thanks for that Pirate. That sounds exactly like what is happening to me. I may as well get new shrouds as I have no idea how old they are anyway and I will redo and triple check the diamonds. Thanks a heap and good work testing the stretch of the shroud. I would have given up after they measured the same...

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