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V 3.5 catamaran ?


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I've just bought a tiny catamaran. On the sail it has V 3.5. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the class ? I paid almost nothing for it and it is SO LIGHT I can just slide it on the ladder racks on my ute. Hopeing to get out to moreton bay tomorrow.


It's narrow at about 1.6 meters and the mast and sail are a bit second hand, but I only want to potter about in it...



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Congrats and welcome to the page.

Your V 3.5 does look tidy but also unknown to me.

If your interested in sailing with other beach cats checkout my fb group called "South East Qld Hobie Sailing" https://www.facebook.com/groups/SouthEastQueenslandHobieSailing/

We're a social beach cat group who sail all over SEQ including dams and we also have trips sailing the Whitsunday's. As the name says 'Hobie' we aren't exclusive and include all cat makes and models. We have a huge group of Calypso's as well as Maricats, CaperCats, Hydras, SunDance etc etc.

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The only 'issue' with cats like this that didn't 'survive' - is that they leave a bad impression on newbies...
I hope that after a few nose-dives (very fine bows with no buoyancy), broken gear and other 'cat-astrophes' that you won't be turned off the small cat scene...
This should really be an intro to something nicer – like a nicely set-up Windrush 14 / Maricat etc...

I see it has twin tillers - WOW! But does that indicate no traveler? Hard to tell... but if not this is definitely a light-weather 'potter-around' design...

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It has a traveller. The tillers are a mod and are a problem. If I wanted a 14' cat I'd have bought one. I'm not sure I'm a newbie, if you were referring to me. I've been sailing since the 80's and bought my capercat in 97 I think it was. I bought this specifically because I wanted something small and light.


I'm just curious if anyone knows what it is. I think a proper history of beach cats would be an interesting thing.

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