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5.8 Tiller extention question


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Hi guys, I have a question I need help with and recomendations. Fistly I just had a new carbon fibre tiller extention on my 5.8 that I got on friday and my crew went over the back on the wire and snapped it clean in half. these sell for $200 which is a lot of money if this may happen again. is there a better option than these? what do most people use and are we restricted by class to what exactly we can use in racing?

Any help would be great,

cheers Andrew.

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Don't panic Andrew carbon fibre is the perfect tiller extention for people that break them. I broke mine a couple of weeks ago, just sand the break to allow your resin to grip, jam some ali tube in the break to align the two pieces, wrap a few times with carbon that you've wet out with resin. I love vinyl ester just add a bit of extra hardener and leave it in the sun if you want it to go off extra quick,you can use it in an hour if your desperate.

FGI can supply all you need

regards Jeff

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I have had good success with bamboo tillers, they are light, strong and have plenty of give before they break.

carbon is a pain because they break so easily.

my current stick is a fiberglass one, not quite as light as the carbon but miles stronger. so far it has lasted quite well.

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most of the cobra sailors use electrical conduit. costs around $10 a length... very good unless you have very bad weather-helm (the conduit bends and you end up losing control!)

some tips on conduit...

Orange - Heavy Duty but NOT UV protected.

Gray - Medium Duty and UV protected.

Gray does seam to last that little bit longer but does bend a bit more, most of us use the orange for that little bit more stiffness and there good to wack your crew with smile.gif

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