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14 Challenge


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Mannering Park Yacht Club will be holding a 14ft cat regatta on the 13-14th of November.

This is the secound year that we have held this regatta and there has been alot of interest this year. Notice of Race is posted on the regatta forum.

Hope to see as many 14ft cats as possible to come and race on the southern shores of Lake Macquaire.

See You All There

Bill King.

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Thanks for that.

Is this a 14 foot regatta that will also allow boats around 14 foot???

I think there is also the opportunity for the Hobie Wave to be included in some of these regattas, even though they are shorter than 14 feet, and then there are owners of boats that are a little over 14 feet, like the Nacra 14sq and the 4.5.

It brings more boats to the regatta and also might convince some of the other owners to move into a 14 footer, or a new F14 when they may become available.

In the US, the Hobie Wave is very popular (more so than the H14 in many parts) and races in the 14 fleet, quite competitively as a matter of fact.

There have been quite a few sold here (I am sure Curly could get numbers and contacts) and it would be good to encourage them to race with us.

Just another thought.

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Just to add to that, some of you may say that this then allows a faster or slower boat to enter, but you have that with in the 14 foot division now. No two classes are the same speed. The Mari's, Windies and Hobies are similar, but not the same, then there is the age and weight of the boats, and then Paper Tiger's home built and super light and fast in little breeze. We have Berns 430, all different speeds. Then add sailing ability (chich I have absolutely none of) and then there are major speed differences there.

I believe the more the merrier and it only helps build the 14 foot brigade stronger.


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The regatta at Mannering Park Yacht Club is open to all cats around 14ft long,we will be able to handicap and we will be using the vyc yardstick.

The idea for this regatta is to try and get more people to start sailing 14 ft cats.

So if any one has a cat around 14 ft bring it along and have agreat time sailing at Mannering Park.

Bill King

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If your intention is to make this regatta an annual event you need to be cautious here that you don't set a precedent which would allow boats up to around 15ft, one of which, if built to modern specs., would absolutely annihilate all the 14ft opposition and we'd be back where we started with the 14's not being the premier class and become the also-rans at their own regatta i.e., last back to the beach, cold pies, warm beer etc. frown.gif

Remember that at 14ft, six inches equals a significant LWL increase with the equivalent significant increase in boat speed.

I though I'd made this reasonably clear in previous discussions on this forum but for those who are still not clear about what we are trying to do with F14 I advise that there will be at least two 14ft regattas in the coming season, one at Mannering Park YC on Lake Macquarie on the 13th and 14th November 2004 and another at Koonawarra Bay SC on Lake Illawarra on the 12th and 13th February. Both regattas are posted on the regatta forum. The intention is to combine the results of both these regattas to determine the 2004/2005 Championship 14ft sailors in the following divisions;

Best in class (5 or more boats)

Best on Yardstick

Best retro F14r

and Best F14

It's also possible we'll be looking at trophies for best junior and best female.


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Just to clarify, the Koonawarra Bay 14ft Cat Regatta, which has been going for 11 years (details published on the "Post your regatta here" forum), allows the following:

All "recognised" 14ft Cat classes:

- Hobie 14

- Windrush

- Maricat

- Arrow

- Paper Tiger

- etc

All catamarans of 14ft LOA or less:

- Int 430

- Glider

- MiniGem

- Kitty Cat

- etc

It does NOT allow the larger classes such as Nacra 14sq, Alpha Omega, etc.

The regatta has been very successful over the years using this formula.


Dave Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay SC

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Dave your missing out the Alpha Omega 4.3 "Tora", Which is "exactly" 4.3 meters in length and has had a "yardstick" in South Australia simce 2000. As SA is now addopting the VYC yardstick and they are converting all the Yachting SA yardsticks to VYC there shouldn't be a problem for your handicapper.

I think that the Alpha Omega that you are refrring to is the 4.4 which has a performance far greater than any of the other "so called" 14' cats

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Point taken, but any "new" 14 footer built as a pure racing machine with all the new techno info and materials we have today will basically wipe the older ones off the course.

Your boat does already.

Macca..... I will need my jib back for the retro races thanks.

I will also put my old trampoline back on, and old sheets as well just to complete the picture.



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Saying "recognised" is rather tough I think. It makes it hard for a new class to start too if clubs only take recognoised classes.

Some people have boats that are exactly 14 feet long, but are home built to race in that class, but if it is not a recognised class, then can he sail at this regatta.

Forster recognised the 14sq to be sailed in the 14 foot class. So under their recognition, it is recognised as a 14 which it isn't exactly.

In the US, to be a 14 foot class does not mean 14 feet long, but in the "ball park".

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You need to re-read my post.

I listed the "recognised" classes as being able to enter AS WELL AS any other catamaran of 14ft (4.3m) LOA or less. So, Darryl, you are welcome to bring the AO 4.3 Tora or any other boat that meets these specs.

I referred to "recognised" in inverted commas because I realise this varies in different places. The ones I have listed are recognised by us as 14ft Cats. But we still welcome other 4.3m or less boats.

If you are planning to bring a less well known class, it would be helpful if you sent me details in advance so that it can be given a suitable yardstick.

Koonawarra Bay has developed its own set of yardsticks for 14ft cats, which originally used information from other yardstick systems, but gradually evolved based on further actual results. This has been possible because we have often had state and national champions from the various classes, allowing us to get reasonably accurate results. This system has been judged as fair by those who have competed and has been proven by the variety of classes that have taken the honours over the years.



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last year I went to the 14ft regatta at mannering park. I think it was the most enjoyable regatta in a long time, i would highly recomend it. but this time i want to see the old farts pushing harder with nose dives and crashes. nah we'll just get out their and have some fun!

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At Wangi we had a big difference in Windrush super Sloops running Mylar rigs and those running old coloured dacron. so we left the yardstick for old dacron at 90 and Mylar at 87.5.

This has been adopted for the CHS Regatta as well.

What do you think?

Phil Mayo

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Would you be bringing a Tora to the Mannering Park regatta in November? I am interested to see the boat as it sounds impressive. Also interested to see Berny's boat so hope you will be there?

I would be sailing in the F14R? class using a Maricat 4.3 with kite and modified main. Or as a standard Mari depending on which boats turn up. Don't really mind getting lapped by one of these faster F14s... just like to see one on the water.


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You need to be careful that you are not basing the performance of the boat on the ability of the sailors.

What you typically find is that beginners or entry-level sailors purchase older boats, often because they are cheaper. As they gain more experience and become better sailors, they tend to purchase the newer boats and rigs. Also, competitive sailors from other classes will tend to buy competitive boats.

What this all means is that the mylar rig Windrushes will usually be sailed by the best sailors in the class, while the original rigs and heavier boats will generally be sailed by the less competitive sailors. This can give an unfair comparison of the two rig types.

I have witnessed original rig boats performing well when sailed by competitive sailors. However, as it is not common to see a top line sailor using that rig, I would find it difficult to nominate an appropriate yardstick for the older rig.

However, if someone has some good data on comparisons of the two types when sailed by competitive sailors, I would be interested in looking at it.

What you also have to be careful of is that you don't create a difficult situation. For example, if someone gets dacron sails made to the newer design, what yardstick will apply?

Some thoughts to consider before making any changes.


Dave Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay SC

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Mannering Park 14 Regatta Results 13/14 November.

No racing was held on Saturday 13th due to strong winds.

4 races were completed on Sunday 14th in light air which only occasionally allowed the Arrows to make use of trapese.

All 14s shared a common start. The final results were;

1st in Junior Division - Justin Turvey from Mannering Park Sailing Club on a Windrush cat rigged.

1st Master Division - Max T/Bridge from Mannering Park Sailing Club on a Windrush cat rigged.

1st - Paper Tiger Division - John Pinkerton - Koonawarra Sailing Club

1st - Maricat Division - John Merl - Mannering Park Sailing Club

1st - Windrush Division - Ron Walsh - Mannering Park Sailing Club

1st - Arrow Cat Division - Lachlan Powel - Spears Point Sailing Club

Outright on Yardstick

1st - Paper Tiger - John Pinkerton

2nd - Paper Tiger - Ian Marcovitch - Long Jetty Sailing Club

3rd - Arrow Cat - Lachlan Powel

At the presentation 3rd place incorrectly was given to maricat, ZAX. Looking at the results it should have gone to Lachlan Powel on a count back. Will try to get the cup to you Lachlan.

Fastest Outright went to Paper Tiger - John Pinkerton sailing Johny B Good from Koonawarra Sailing Club.

The numbers were down due to the strong wind forecast for Saturday and conflicting regatta's such as the Port Macquarie regatta. The 4 races held on Sunday made for an enjoyable and competitive regatta that will be an annual event. This year the shield went to Koonawarra Sailing club sailor John Pinkerton.

Next year to avoid conflicts with Port Maquarie Regatta we are considering to move the date to October Long Weekend. Although this conflicts with Foster Regatta I think that mostly it is the larger boats that attend that regatta - Please correct me if I am mistaken on this or does anyone else have a suggestion on how to best avoid conflicting with other regatta's?

Hope to see everyone at Koonawarra for the second part of the 14 regatta. Also would be nice to see some F14s or retros? Any out there?

cheers !


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