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Sorry the site was offline for so long guys,

There was a lot of information to copy from the old host onto our servers.

We also changed onto some new software :)

Any feedback is good feedback and is welcome,

We would also like to know what you want to see if the forum and the site in general,



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forum out of action

It would have been nice if you had advised that the site would be down temporarily as we had no clue that it was going to go up again.

The fact you took a week to get the new site up may have put some members off from visiting again .. I only found out the new site was active after advising on SA the you were down ..I then had to make a new bookmark as the old bookmark wouldn't work and brought up the message saying you were doing maintenance.

Are there any other changes you are bringing in? Are you still linked to brisbane cat centre?

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Again we are sorry for the downtime we did have some unexpected issues when moving everything.

As for changes

- we don't want to change the forum we think that it is working fine as it is.

- we hope to launch a new online store soon.

- no, We are not linked to Brisbane cat centre - we are based in Victoria.

hope this helps, any more questions are welcome - if you think anything should be changed let us know :)

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I think it works fine except I have never known how to add photos to any web site except ebay. that is easy.

One thing that could improve is a couple of moderators helping you with some repeated threads that they can combine and also some out of date stuff that could be deleted. Especially when a boat has been sold or something similar. There is some really out of date stuff on here. Most of that is probably my fault.






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this catsailor forum is wonderful. It's great to be notified of upcoming events, seek advice from experienced sailors on repairs, speculate on upgrades and new designs, and keep in touch with other sailors across the country.

Over winter I've been busy upgrading some systems on Paper Tiger 2901 'Tigerdelic' and also purchased 3038 "the Mystery Tiger" for a mate to race. It needed a major overhaul (rudder systems, mainsheet system, vang system, re-fit boom, lower forestays, righting ropes, trolley, graphics), but we're almost ready for the season opener next weekend.

It was quite in the spirit of sailing that the catsailor forum also had some winter re-fits and upgrades, ready for the new season. Well done!

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Hello All,

As the owner of the catsailor.net site since its inception, I am very pleased to be able to announce that Robert Nixon has taken over the running of catsailor.net. Robert has completed a very large upgrade process and spent many hours getting the forum updated and more features added to the site.

I hope that for all the sailors that have used this site and have found the information posted to be useful, will continue to make this forum grow with well formulated ideas and positive comment.

My hope is that we continue to have this site primarily focused on Australian and NZ cat sailing and you help Robert by supporting his shop.

I have just started sailing cats again after a 2 year break. I am remembering why catsailing is such a great sport and why I have been doing it since I was introduced to cats through my dad when I was 11.


Please please help wherever you can to make this sport something our kids can enjoy and don't leave it to the ever shrinking group of people that actually put the work in on the land and sea so we can all have fun. It would be sad that my 18mth old does not experience the absolute joy that you have sailing in a 100+ cat fleet all coming to the bottom mark in 20+ knts... I have yet to find anything that makes you realise better that life is about living not working !

Anyway .... back to work for me :) so I can pay for the next entry fee at a great regatta


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Probably better off not fiddling, historical commentary is always good to see, often to see how someone has gone from one thought to another.

One of the worst things I've seen was someone on Trailer Sailer Place either got the hump or didn't realise what was happening and all his posts were deleted thus throwing out the context of a whole heap of threads and losing an enormous amount of valuable information (he was qute knowledgable).

I do agree though, a bit more information on the 'down' message would have been useful.

Best of luck going forward.


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