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16sq for sale


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OK, I have don another nationals. Boat Number 1 performed well. I don't want to store it till the next nats. Good sail, new rigging last year includeing spreaders and adjusters. Changed to a hook istead of a halyardn lock. Road worthy trailer with new lights and sial box. new down haul blocks, new hatches, light weight hulls, trap harness. Ready to race. I only get 9th in the nats but a better nacra sailer (not Maricat sailor) would have done much better. I intend to sail the states at Trial Bay but if I sell before then that happens. $5,500.00 Will consider deilvery to somewhere nice. Phoe Mick 0149999785 or email mike@ltpmarina.com.au

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Go and bye some happy pills Glider. The bloke can try to sell his boat any he want to and you cant stop him.

I presume you meant to write, quote,"why bang on about it here, if you have never seen it",unquote.

I spent about 2 hours looking at this boat, in person, when it was for sale in the Trading Post for $2800 last September.

If it is boat number 1, sail number 1, there is NO WAY it is now worth $5500.

If so then the 16sq. I ended up buying for $3000 (in better condition, with new sail, good trailer etc.) must now miraculously be worth $6000.

A clubmate bought one new in August 2010 for $16,000? or so, it must now be worth $32,000? then.

Or do they have to be 24 years old before they are worth top dollar?


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Not that I'm presuming anything, But I read the ad, and Mick seems to have done some work to it.

I have argued about my 4.5 which I'm unwilling to part with, with some idiotic, offensive offers thrown at me (not members of this forum I may add) by pricks who thought I was hard up on cash and trying to "PROFIT" from a perceived situation, to which I responded appropriately, and they took offense to me taking offense.

I would do some research i.e. work done on boat, rigging etc, to see if there has been added value before spruking about profiteering.


Opinions are offered by cruiser and cruiser only, I am in no way affiliated with any parties involved.

Purchasers buy at own risk, and thorough inspection is recommended.

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I guess if you are interested in the boat you would have a look at it and decide for yourself what it is worth, than make an offer. As Cruiser said Mick has done some work to it and doesn't take much to rack up $2500. But like with most things in life you never get back what you spend.

Haveing said that I find the bit about the light weight hulls a bit hard to swallow, must have one hell of an angle grinder.

16sq do hold their value. I have had three and the only one I lost money on was the one I bought new, but you expect that with anything you buy new be it a boat or a car or whatever.


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Hey Glider. You are being a bit harsh.I have spent a lot of money on her. I got another sail, I rebuilt the trailer and fitted new lights, Fitted new adjustable spreaders, new carbon tiller, had the shipwrights fix the side stay chain plate problems, replaced all the access hatches. She will be at the States this weekend and I hope I have the opertunity to flog your arse on the water. I am open to offers.

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Every shop you buy stuff from make a profit. Do you bag them out every time you shop?? Or do you belove that people just give stuff away just for you?


I HOPE IT IS NOT THIS BOAT, that $5500 is being asked for, as it was for sale in the Trading Post during September 2010 for $2800 !!!!!!.

I know the boat 16sq. Number 1, Sail Number 1, name "Bells and Whistles", with orange and black thin hull stripes, because I almost bought it !. I spent about 2 hours looking at it last September. I also took photos of it. It was owned by a friendly and helpful bloke named Marcus, who lives at Hastings Point, northern NSW. It was in good condition FOR IT'S AGE, which is almost 24 years old, that is OK condition, NOT excellent. Manufactured 1987. That is a long time ago.

The sail was 4 to 5 years old, the sail was on it's second owner, (the sail's first owner was Guy O'bren from Southport, QLD.) Ok to good, NOT excellent. There was a dent in the mast, about 1 meter up, but not a structural problem. There was a LOT of extra (and heavy) glasswork around the daggerboard cases as Marcus said it was prone to leaks in this area. It had 3 hatches in each hull, an extra one to give access to the daggerboard cases.

There was a dent or depression under the starboard hull, near the rear beam, below the waterline, approx 100mm diameter by 5mm deep. The engagement of the ratchet of the mainsail block did not work. The trailer was an ancient rusty wreck, even Marcus freely admitted this.

IF IT IS THE SAME BOAT, I cannot see why it's asking price is now nearly DOUBLED, 5 months later. Has it had a MAJOR major major refit ?, has it got a BRAND NEW mylar squaretop sail?, ( the new 16sq. type) , has it got a BRAND NEW spinnaker kit ?, have the mast and beams been GOLD PLATED ?, is the trailer BRAND NEW ?, are the "new trailer lights" made out of DIAMONDS and PRECIOUS GEMSTONES ?. Because if not, then there is NO WAY that this boat is worth $5500 !.

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Glider there's no harm in asking why there was such a difference in price, but don't then imply that the seller is doing something wrong by asking a higher price than what it was for sale for last time. There is no law against making a profit after all.

Looking for a nice 16sq myself. But have to get through a court case in April first and see if my "ex" will be generous enough to leave me with any money!

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Thank You Humungus2

Thank you for responding in a rational and sensible way humungus2. It sounds like you are right when you say I am being a bit harsh. I apologise to you for doing this.

I was judging the boat's condition by when I inspected it last September, when Marcus had it for sale for $2800.

I appreciate that it is very easy to spend thousands on repairing or upgrading a boat, but as you would probably know you don't get all of that back when you sell it.

To those who have felt the need to respond in an aggressive or irrational manner:

Having inspected the boat myself 5 months earlier when it was for sale for $2800, I was curious and sceptical of why it is now for sale for $5500. The advert was displayed in an open forum, in which anyone can write whatever they want, within reason, without being censored. Some people (but not the actual owner of the boat) seemed to take great offense at my doing this. Then certain Nazi's resorted to insults for my daring to express an opinion different to their own. I did not realise there is a culture here of "we HATE anyone who does not think exactly what we think".

It is really quite pathetic how emotionally these people seem to feel they need to respond. Maybe they are the ones that need the "happy pills", whatever they are. It is interesting that most of those who have written insults have also made some pretty inane or obscure statements, that in some cases do not make much sense. And have also made grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Difficulty with self expression ?, Drunk or stoned ?, agro ?, or just dyslexic ?.

As for the cheap shot about my "profile" from cruiser, who cares ?. I have REAL friends, I don't need to make imaginary ones online. I would NOT want to be in your little clique. I don't waste every night getting drunk or stoned and then writing drivel on the internet.

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"As for the cheap shot about my "profile", from cruiser, who cares ?. I have REAL friends, I don't need to make imaginary ones online. I would NOT want to be in your little clique. I don't waste every night getting drunk or stoned and then writing drivel on the internet."

Nice one mate, I work just as hard as anyone else on here,12-13 hour days at the moment, I f*#king despise drugs, I don't drink and I was trying to say it was a SHAME that no-one has made friends with you here.

I only have one "freind" on here who sails with us at Tinaroo.

I will never ever try to justify your statements on here again with rational arguements as I tried to do.

I know most people on here dislike my existence, I don't care either as you suggest, but it is a great place to share information and gather info as well.


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Changed the wire halyard lock system to the rope & hook system, replaced the down haul swivel blocks, the list goe's on. Come on guys, make me an offer. I fully intend to buy another Nacra. Life's to short to be grumpy. Lets go sailing and have some fun on the water. I know that's what I will be doing tomorrow.

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number 1

Hey guys I am not 100% certain but I think you are talking about two different boats. The one that sailed the nationals this year has previously sailed nationals as number 11. When I asked him about it he said he had done some research on the boat and it was actually number 1. And no I would not have paid $5500 for it as the national champions boat which is in much better condition sold for about $5000. Having said that whats a boat worth when the national champion is winning on number 29 and beating people on late 300 and 400's. Nacra build them to last.


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