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Black wich photos?


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what a lovely thing to say!

best part of owning one is when i come behind all the others i say " ahhh but your not sailing the same boat, witch's handle very differently in that kind of breeze"

i try to look clever when i say this!

always helps other guys been in and at the beer for a while before i arrive :)

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I am not familiar with Stingrays. In photos they certainly look very similar to a Black Witch. I can't find much information on them. According to Wikipedia they were designed in the 1960s. Does anyone have any more detailed information on their history?

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black witch cat

Thanks for the photos' date=' much appreciated. If I could find one, I would buy it as well. Is the one owned by Mick the only one left in existence? Maybe there's a few more hidden away somewhere?[/quote']

hi,gim, i,m from toowoomba Q.L.D,I,m just in the process of doing up an 18 footer at the moment,and it sounds like it may be a blackwitch.have some photos on my camera but havn,t a clue as tohow to get them to you,casper

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Hi casper,

I have sent you a PM with my email. I would love to see your photos.


i,m afraid i have no idea where you sent the PM i guess that means private message,but ihaven,t recieved an email from you or how to access it through cat sailor net.i,m not very computer savvy,so please help casper

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Many thanks to casper for showing me his Black Witch. As far as I can tell it is more or less identical to Mick's. Casper's sail number is 305 and Mick's is 303, so I am guessing that they are from the same batch.

The Black Witches I am familiar with had plywood hulls, and were built around 1970 in Darwin. I read on another thread that only 19 were built. Casper's has fibreglass hulls, so I presume that a second series of Black Witches was built some time later.

Does anyone have any information on this? I would like to know when and where the second series was built, and who built them.







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