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Cheapest cat insurance


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Try Professional Insurance Brokers, 130 Main St Monbulk Vic 3793.

They fixed me up with a QBE policy - it covers both my maricat and Careel for a total of $500 so probably 3 and 2.

You could try QBE direct but certainly these guys didn't require a survey (think they got a pic of the Careel though).

They were recommended through Trailer Sailer Place.

email is insure@profin.com.au

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RACV in Victoria does full comprehensive insurance, including public liability and racing cover. Ph: 137228

My Paper Tiger is insured for $680, with a $300 excess, for $144 / year. Price goes up with boat value.

Easy over-the-phone insurance. Immediate cover note if you need it to enter a regatta.

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"Make sure you separate in the policy how much the mast and rigging, the boat,and the trailer, are valued at."

By estimates?

Mast $750-1000?

Stays $80-150?

Platform $2000-4000? (parts and labour)

Trailer $250-1500

So my $1800 cat needs to be valued at around $4k to replace?

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Trying to get the best deal from insurance brokers is an absolute pain in the you know what.

one firm refused coverage as the cat is over 20 years old

a second said it won't cover anything more than 3 metres in length (or with a motor bigger than 10HP for a powerboat)

the cheapest mob so far repeated they want: a condition report from a marine dealer,a bill of purchase as proof of ownership, a boat ID number and a colour photo. They would not accept that the cat does not have ID numbers nor that any were required when it was built.

A major insurer said if I want to pay only $300 a year then I have to cop a $500 excess.

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Originally posted by QB2:

CGU are the ones who want the marine survey

Rang them again and they still want the survey and a colour photo.

Thats wierd.

Usually a survey is required if it carries fare paying passengers or the boat is chartered.

Acompany once wanted a boat ID number for my Hydra, I told them the sail number! It didn't matter that it was only a 3 digit number :)

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Yeah, cheap can be cheap. The question to ask now is.

Who has the best response from their insurer?

Who pays, who questions and who actually cares about your broken boat?

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Went with Suncorp for $330/yr, $250 excess and a $4000 value on the cat.

It was a pleasure to find a consultant who knew what he was talking about and made it easy rather than difficult to sign up

They didn't need a photo, surveyers report or maintenance log unlike CGU, QBE or others.

So even though Suncorp costs about $150 more than CGU I didn't find up to $400 to get a survey done, transport the cat to and from an inspection nor wait weeks for a report.

Has anyone done any deals with Piranha Insurance?

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